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Necromancy Base

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions



invokedeathconjurearmy + start fight → splitsoullifetransfercommandghost / commandskeleton

Note: Use commandghost if Hammer does not use it in the prebuild. You should be using commandghost / commandskeleton at 4.8s on the timer.

Phase 1

vulnbomb deathskullssoulsapomniguard specnecroautodeathguard90 eofspectouchofdeath

Phase 2

soulsapdivertstormshardssoulsap ( → commandskeleton ) → threadsoffatevolleyofsoulssoulsapvolleyofsoulstouchofdeath

Note: Use commandskeleton only if it does not put you behind for threadsoffate.

Phase 3

livingdeath + adrenrenewalsoulsaptouchofdeathdeathskullssoulsapfingerofdeathdeathguard90 eofspec ( → commandskeleton ) → shattersoulsap + surge to lure aod

Note: Use commandskeleton only if phase timing allows.


freedom + surgeantidivertswh eofspecsoulsaptouchofdeathsplitsoulsoulsapinvokedeath ( → commandskeleton )

Note: Can skip swh eofspec if sufficient invokelordofbones stacks.

Last Pillar and Zaros

deathskullsvolleyofsouls ( → necroauto ) → aod omniguardspecdeathguard90 eofspecnecroauto

Example Kills
09-2023 - Miss Kay Z - Base ​11-2023 - Jedy - Base
AoD: 7-10 Man
This guide is made and upkept in collaboration with the AoD: 7-10 Man discord. For those interested in a non-toxic and friendly environment for ‘Small’ team AoD, with team sizes varying from 7 to 10. We accept all experience levels, from Learners to Experts and Teachers. We offer teams running throughout the day.

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