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General Armour Introduction

⬥ There are three categories of armour:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Power: any armour with a style bonus

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Hybrid: anything stated as "hybrid"

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Tank: any other item (also has more armour than power / hybrid)

⬥ Armour tiers are based on the level required to equip them

⬥ Equipping armour provides style and armour bonuses

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• These bonuses are based on armour category and tier

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Generally armours in the same category and tier will have equal bonuses

⬥ Wearing off-style armour slots (excluding cape slot) provides an accuracy penalty based on armour bonus

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• "Off-style" is any style that does not match your equipped mainhand / 2H weapon

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Hybrid gear incurs no penalty

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This penalty is near-doubled (0.8→1.5) when using the Necromancy combat style.

⬥ Some armour sets have set effects which may be useful

Index of Armour
⬥ It is recommended to look up further information on the Wiki ⬥ Armour in bold is worth being aware of, they will be elaborated on after or are recommended in the respective upgrade order ⬥ Use !armour to see DPS difference between the armour ⬥ Generally speaking, use power armour
Power Armour melee magic range
⬥ GWD1 Armour subjgarb (T70) ⬥ Ancient Warrior zurieltop (T78)     • SuperiorSuperiorZurielstop is T88 ⬥ Nex ArmourVirtusTop (T80) ⬥ Anima Armouranimabodyseren (T80)     • Refined is T85 ⬥ Elite Robinhood EliteRobinHoodTop (T82) ⬥ Tectonic tectbody (T90)     • Elite elitetectbody is T92 ⬥ Sirenic sirenicbody (T90)     • Elite elitesirenicbody is T92 ⬥ Dracolich dracolichbody (T90)     • Elite edracobody is T92 ⬥ Masterwork masterworkbody (T90)     • Trimmed tmwbody is T92 ⬥ Malevolent malevbody (T90) ⬥ Vestments of Havoc vestmentsofhavoctop (T95)
Tank Armour melee magic range necromancy
⬥ Barrows Armour veracbody (T70) ⬥ Deathwarden wardentop80 (T70, T80, T90) ⬥ Ganodermic ganobody (T75) ⬥ Ports TetsuBody (T85)     • Superior is augmentable ⬥ Achto achtoprimevaltop (T90) ⬥ Cryptbloom cryptbloombody (T90)
Power Armour necromancy
⬥ Deathdealer dealertop80 (T70, T80, T90) ⬥ First Necromancer's equipment firstnecrorobetop (T95)

Notable Armour

vestmentsofhavoctop (Vestments of Havoc) has effects that greatly benefit melee. Should be used over tmwbody. Does T100 damage and has armour equal to T75 power armour

sirenicbody (Sirenic) is solid cheap ranged power armour

edracobody (Elite Dracolich) is very strong ranged power armour when used with a bow

ganobody (Ganodermic) is very cheap magic tank gear to use with Animate Dead animatedead

cryptbloombody (Cryptbloom) is the best overall tank armour in game, but not always needed - see !crypt

firstnecrorobetop (First Necromancer's equipment) is the best overall Necromancy armour in the game


⬥ Use !gloves to see where to use which gloves ⬥ lengartefact upgrades nightmaregauntlets / Glovesofpassage / kerapacswristwraps to T90 and allows enchantments to work     • The T90 gloves can also be bought directly from the G.E. ⬥ Gloves covered: kerapacswristwraps | NMG | edracogloves | glovesofpassage | Cinderbanes | DTB | spellcaster
Kerapac's Wrist Wraps kerapacswristwraps
⬥ When dbreath is cast, the next comb to hit within 6s has all its remaining hits applied at once for 25% (40% with enchantment of flame) more damage
Elite Dracolich Gloves edracogloves
⬥ Adds to the passive effects from the armour set     • Elite Dracolich Remnant per piece gain 0.5% extra adrenaline for each hit of Rapid fire rapid     • Dracolich infusion at 3 pieces, after a full rapid gain +40% critical strike chance with range for 3 seconds, +1.8 seconds for every additional piece
Nightmare Gauntlets NMG
snipe has +25% hitchance and can be walked ⬥ Enchantment of dread makes snipe to do a 2nd weaker hit when flanking
Gloves of Passage glovesofpassage
⬥ After havoc / smash are cast the following occurs:     • The next attack deals 10% (16% using agony enchantment) more damage         ⬩ Affects non-bleed attacks cast that tick, bleeds snipe it for no benefit     • Bleeds deal 20% (25% using agony enchantment) more damage for 10s         ⬩ Does not affect comb / corruptblast / corruptshot / gbarge "bleeds" as they are not bleeds
Misc. Gloves
Cinderbanes Cinderbanes - increases poison damage, and can proc own poison hits ⬥ Deathtouched Bracelet DTB - 20% chance to reflect 25-50% damage (7.5% average reflect) back to the attacker (does not reduce damage you take) ⬥ Spellcaster's Gloves spellcaster - autos / basics have 5% chance to do 25% more damage, bind target, lower their combat stats by 7 levels and hit 1t after cast     • Does not work during sunshine / gsunshine

Boots and Capes

Boots and Capes
shadowspike upgrades detoboots / Laceration / fleetingboots to T90
Blast Diffusion Boots detoboots - deto charges 40%/tick instead of 20%/tick ⬥ Laceration Boots Laceration - Can use bd with only a MH or 2H melee weapon ⬥ Fleeting Boots fleetingboots - rapid has +10% hitchance and can be walked
TokHaar Capes KilnMelee kilnmage KilnRanged kilnnecro - used to make the respective Zuk cape ⬥ Igneous Kal-Mej igneouskalmej - omni is 60% adren and hits 4x at 90-180% ability dmg ⬥ Igneous Kal-Ket igneouskalket - overpower is 60% adren and hits 2x ⬥ Igneous Kal-Xil igneouskalxil - deadshot is 60% adren, more damage, and +2 bleed hits ⬥ Igneous Kal-Xil igneouskalmor - deathskulls is 60% adren, and bounces 2 more times ⬥ Igneous Kal-Zuk igneouskalzuk - All Igneous capes in one


General Weapons Introduction

⬥ The tier of a weapon is the listed equip requirement. Generally the damage and accuracy tier match that

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Exceptions include: lanispear (T90 damage, T75 accuracy), GWD2 weapons (T80 damage, T90 accuracy), and darkiceshard darkicesliver (T88 damage, T85 accuracy)

⬥ For dual-wield weapons:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Overall damage tier is equal to 66% of the mainhand's tier and 33% of the offhand's tier

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Overall accuracy tier you have is equal to your mainhand's tier fully.

⬥ For ammo'd range weapons and Magic weapons:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Damage tier is equal to the minimum between the weapon tier and the ammo / spell tier

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎⬩ E.g. a T90 weapon with a T1 ammo / spell has T1 damage

T60-T89 Weapons

Index of Weapons
⬥ It is recommended to look up further information on the Wiki ⬥ Weapons in bold are worth being aware of, they will be elaborated on after or are recommended in the respective upgrade order ⬥ Use !weapons to see the DPS difference between various damage tiers
Tiers 60-70
Guthix Staff gstaff ⬥ Crystal crystalhalberd ⬥ Barrows veracflail ahrimstaff karilcbow2h ⬥ Abyssal Whip abyssalwhip ⬥ Death Guard deathguard60 ⬥ Skull Lantern skulllantern60
Tier 75
⬥ Godswords armagodsword ⬥ Sara. Sword saradominsword ⬥ Abyss. Mage abyssawand abyssalorb ⬥ Staff of Light staffoflight ⬥ Arma. Cbows acbmh acboh ⬥ Handcannon handcannonMech. Chin mechchin
Tiers 77-79
⬥ Arma. Battlestaff armadylbattlestaff ⬥ Sunspear sunspearStatius Hammer swh ⬥ Bane Weapons bane2h
Tier 80-82
⬥ Hex terramaul inquisitorstaff hexhunterbow     • Refer to !hex ⬥ Linza's Hammer linzahammer ⬥ Virtus virtuswand vbook ⬥ Zaryte Bow zarytebow ⬥ Royal Crossbow royalcrossbow ⬥ Attuned Crystal attunedcrystalbow ⬥ Chaotics chaoticstaff ⬥ Masuta's Warspear masutaspearLaniakea's Spear lanispear ⬥ Limitless Staff staffoflimitlessair ⬥ Death Guard deathguard80 ⬥ Skull Lantern skulllantern80
Tier 85
⬥ Dragonrider Lance dragonriderlance ⬥ Fury Blades nymorablade avaryssbladeRipper Clawsripperclaw ripperclawoh ⬥ Tetsu tetsumh tetsuohDark Ice darkiceshard darkicesliverCywir cywirwand cywirorb ⬥ Seasinger seasingerwand seasingerorb ⬥ Shadow Glaive glaivemh glaiveohWyvern CrossbowWyvernCrossbow ⬥ Camel Staff camelstaff
Tiers 87-89
Bone Blowpipe upgradedboneblowpipe ⬥ Annihilation annihilation ⬥ Decimiation decimation ⬥ Obliteration obliteration ⬥ Elite Tetsu elitetetsumh elitetetsuoh ⬥ Sup. Vesta vls vestaspearElite Seasinger eliteseasingerwand eliteseasingerorb ⬥ Sup. Zuriel Staff zstaff ⬥ Sup. Morrigan superiormorriganaxe superiormorriganjav

Notable Weapons

gstaff is a solid spec weapon for mage, deals decent damage and improves accuracy

darkiceshard darkicesliver are solid melee DW. They do T88 damage but have T85 accuracy. Use !leng ‎for effect info

cywirwand cywirorb with gconc are your primary magic DW until purchasing seiswand sing. They do T80 damage but have T90 accuracy

eliteseasingerwand eliteseasingerorb if unlocked can serve as your permanent magic DW, as the cost for seiswand sing or praeswand impercore is no longer worthwhile

lanispear is BiS halberd weapon where applicable. It does T90 damage but has T75 accuracy

mechchin is the primary way to deal AoE damage with ranged

T90-95 Weapons

Index of Weapons
⬥ It is recommended to look up further information on the Wiki ⬥ Weapons in bold are worth being aware of, they will be elaborated on after
Tier 90
⬥ Drygores augdrygoremacemh drygorelongoh ⬥ Seismics seiswand sing ⬥ Ascensions ascmh ascohNoxious Scythe noxscytheNoxious Bow noxbow ⬥ Noxious Staff noxstaffDeath guard deathguard90
Tier 92
⬥ Zaros Godsword zgsMW Spear masterworkspearofannihilation ⬥ Khopesh khopeshmh khopeshoh khopiumAbyssal Scourge abyssalscourge ⬥ Staff of Sliske Sos ⬥ Praesuls praeswand impercoreSeren Godbow sgbEldritch Crossbow ecb ⬥ Blightbounds bbc bbcoh
Tier 95
F. Staff of Arma. soaLeng lengmh lengohEk-Zekkil zekkilBoLG bolgOmni Guard omniguardSoulbound Lantern soulboundlantern

Notable Weapons

noxscythe is BiS halberd where lanispear splashes

noxbow is a solid 2H to use until sgb / bolg

abyssalscourge generally BiS melee MH due to parasite stacks, see !scourge ‎for more info

masterworkspearofannihilation adds 2 hits to dismember, slaughter, and bloodtendrils and 3 hits to zekkil eofspec

sgb best 2H until bolg. Has a strong special attack, see !sgb ‎for some more info

ecb has a very strong special attack, but is relatively hard to use well

soa has one of the strongest special attacks, see !fsoa ‎for some more info

bolg best 2H, has a strong spec, and is very consistent, see !bolg ‎for more info

zekkil strong but long spec, good synergy with chaosroar. Put in eofor, see !ezkeof ‎for more info

deathguard70 has a great special attack (can use t70 for eof!)

omniguard best necromancy mainhand

soulboundlantern best necromancy offhand

lengmh lengoh have passive effects and a special attack on the mainhand

Defenders and Shields

Defenders and Shields
⬥ It is recommended to look up further information on the Wiki ⬥ Use !defender for info on obtaining defenders ⬥ Defender weapon and shield tier is half its tier (e.g. T90 defender is T45) ⬥ Defenders provide 3% accuracy and 1/15 chance to reduce hit by 50-100% ⬥ T90 shields' right-click voke option drops target when using queueing ⬥ Spirit shields reduce damage by 30%, 20% of it is removed from prayer ⬥ Shieldbows count as a MH + shield of its tier (e.g. dbow is a T70 MH + shield) ⬥ Bone shield lesserboneshield / greaterboneshield is unlocked via necromancy and allows the use of defensive shield abilities without a physical shield, costing necrotic runes.     • With lvl120 necromancy, zemouregalsnexus and greaterboneshield you can reach up to bone shield tier 75.
T90 Shields
⬥ Merciless merciless (Magic) ⬥ Vengeful vengeful (range) ⬥ Malevolent malevkite (Attack)
Spirit Shields (T75)
⬥ Arcane arcanespiritshield (Magic) ⬥ Elysian elysianspiritshield (range) ⬥ Divine divinespiritshield (Attack) ⬥ Spectral spectralspiritshield (necromancy)
⬥ Corrupted corrupteddefender (T70) ⬥ Ancient ancientrepriser (T80) ⬥ Kalphite kalphiterebounder (T90)
⬥ Darkbow dbow (T70) ⬥ Strykebow strykebow (T85)
Generally When to use What
⬥ Bone shield lesserboneshield and greaterboneshield work for most scenarios where a very high shield tier is unimportant     • Defenders when needing to do offensive shield abilities (e.g. revenge), but are effectively superseded by lesserboneshield ⬥ Spirit Shields when needing to use effect to tank large hits ⬥ Shieldbows when using a bow ⬥ T90 shields otherwise (e.g. for bigger divert or very long cade)


⬥ Use !ring to see when to use what ring ⬥ Rings covered: RoD | channellerring | championring | stalkerring | reaverring | asr | rovRoD + asr can be imbued for +2.5 style bonus at the Armoursmith for teci
Ring of Death RoD
⬥ On target death, 50% chance to gain 1% adren per 1.5k hp of it (caps at 5%) ⬥ On player death, the player is revived at full health and a damage-over-time effect is applied for three minutes ⬥ Overchargeable at Death for 5 cut onyx and 25 blackstoneheart (has 5x charges)
Channeler's Ring channellerring
⬥ Each hit of a Magic channel has (4 * channel hits done)% more crit chance ⬥ Metaphysics enchantment causes +(2.5 * channel hits done) % crit dmg ⬥ To clarify: channellerring and its enchantment only affect Magic channels, not autos, etc.
Champion's Ring championring
Attack attacks gain 3% (4% if heroism enchantment) crit chance if target bled ⬥ Heroism enchantment also adds (1.5 * bleed count)% crit damage
Stalker's Ring stalkerring
⬥ Bow attacks gain 3% (4% if shadow enchantment) crit chance ⬥ Shadow enchantment also adds 3% crit damage
Other Rings
Reaver's Ring reaverring - +5% crit chance but -5% hitchance ⬥ Asylum Surgeon's Ring asr - 30s cooldown if either occur:     • 10% chance to prevent threshold cost     • 40% chance to save 25% of spec cost ⬥ Ring of Vigour rov - Ultimates refund 10% adren, spec cost reduced by 10%; this can be made passive via the Extinction quest


⬥ Necklaces covered: aos | Reaper | eof ⬥ Ornament kits provide +2 style bonus to aos + Reaper and +3 to eof
Amulet of Souls aos
⬥ 50% chance for soulsplit healing 25-50% more (~18.75% average heal increase) ⬥ Protection / Deflect prayers increased to 60% reduction (from 50%)
Reaper Necklace Reaper
⬥ Successful hits give +0.1% hitchance for 54s from last attack, caps at +3%
Essence of Finality eof
⬥ Effects of both aos and Reaper ⬥ Can store a special attack to cast with another weapon of same style     • Stored specs cannot be reobtained, it is permanently consumed ⬥ Use !eofspec to see EoF setups, read #eof-specs for further info on specs

Skillcape Perks

Cape Perks
maxcape + compcape can have 3 cape perks, combatantscape 2, and Anachronia Cape Stand 1 ⬥ maxcape + compcape + cape stand perks apply to all capes, use !capeperk for setups
PvM-related Cape Perks
Defence Defence - Acts as a sign of life ⬥ Strength Strength - dismember hits 3 more times ⬥ HP Constitution - Doubles base health regen and allows healing at banks in combat ⬥ Ranged range - Increases ammo proc chance by 20% of the base chance

Pocket Slot

Index of Pocket Slots
⬥ It is recommended to look up further information on the Wiki ⬥ Items in bold is worth being aware of, they will be elaborated on after ⬥ Use !pocket for a breakdown of what pocket slot to use where ⬥ God books / Scriptures have a 15s cd between procs, starting on activation ⬥ God books / Scriptures have a 6.6% proc chance per non-bleed/burn hit     • Other DoT hits may (e.g. gbarge "bleeds") or may not (e.g. corruptblast) proc them
Pocket Slots
⬥ (Superior) Scrimshaw of the Elements elementsscrim (Magic) ⬥ (Superior) Scrimshaw of Cruelty Cruelty (range) ⬥ (Superior) Scrimshaw of Vampyrism VampScrim (Attack) ⬥ Book of Law armabook ⬥ Ancient Book ZarosBook ⬥ Book of Wisdom SaraBook ⬥ Book of War BandosBook ⬥ Book of Chaos ZamBook ⬥ Book of Balance GuthixBookScripture of Jas jasgodbook ⬥ Scripture of Wen wengodbookScripture of Ful ** scriptureoffulErethdor's Grimoire** grim

Notable Pocket Slots

jasgodbook is a very cheap pocket slot to buy and average to maintain, and relatively good to use (coins 1,177,796 per hour)

scriptureofful is an expensive pocket slot to buy, but is strong and very cheap to use (coins 11,708 per hour)

grim a pivotal pocket slot for every style, but costly to use (coins 6,904,889 per hour), see !grim ‎for more info

Ammo Slot

Index of Ammo Slots
⬥ Use !quiver and !pouches for quiver and rune pouch setups ⬥ armourspike | runepouch | graspingpouch | deathwardennexus also work from inventory ⬥ Can dye and use multiple runepouch | graspingpouch | pernixsquiver
Ammo Slots
Armour Spikes armourspike - deal typeless damage equal to player's smithing level     • When alloyed armourspikealloy - 10% chance to deal 10x damage     • When abyssal abyssalarmourspikesalloy - 25% chance to apply a parasite stack     • Must also wear melee gear and take melee damage / damage from MD ⬥ Large Rune Pouches runepouch - holds 16k of 3 types of runes ⬥ Grasping Rune Pouches graspingpouch - holds 16k of 4 types of runes ⬥ Pernix's Quivers pernixsquiver - holds 2 types of ammo, able to swap between at will ⬥ Nexuses deathwardennexus zemouregalsnexus can be used to store ectoplasm and necrotic runes     • Zemouregal's Nexus zemouregalsnexus provides a passive effect when equipped which increases the Bone Shield tier by 15 levels

Banking Preset

Preset Contents
⬥ It is recommended to look up further information on the Wiki ⬥ Tank armour, shield, and other HP-boosting gear for bonfire ⬥ Preferred Summoning familiars & scrolls ripperpouch ripperscroll ⬥ Potions to use pre-fight     • Overload elderovlsalve, Weapon Poison+++ weppoison, Thermal Flask thermalflask ⬥ Runes to restock pouches, and Magic cape to change spellbooks ⬥ Incense sticks - Spirit Weed SpiritSticks, Kwuarm KwuarmSticks, Lantadyme LantaSticks ⬥ Preferred book grim and pages grimpage ⬥ Divine Charges divinecharge and assorted utility items
Example Banking Presets
Some players' banking presets for reference. Rcm37, Dyanne, Just Eswar, Die Alive