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Telos: BOLG Ranged bolg


This guide assumes very strong understanding of everything found in #telos-basic, #Stuns & Mechanics Overview and #P5 Movement & Timing.

An average kill at 2449% enrage is worth coins 10,163,906 in uniques. This assumes an estimated orb price of coins 74,830,376. Advanced players can get up to 18.9 kph, earning coins 192,097,825/hr.

Notable Enrage Checkpoints and Changes (999+)

1000% P4 one rock will fall, P5 multiple rocks will fall, immort no longer works P5, and Telos will freedom stuns and binds with a 16 tick cooldown.

2000% "So you think you can guard?" Achievement, aka Silver Warden.

2700% Tendrils damage required caps at 30,000.

3300% The first prayer drain on P3 smites you from full unless Telos touches the beam.

4000% Hard enrage cap; "True Warden" achievement, aka Gold Warden.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Preset Notes

darkness should be active the entire time.

kwuarmsticks and spiritsticks should be used.

weppoison should be used at the bank before the kill.

⬥ T2 malletops and high necromancy level is required for cade with greaterboneshield during p5.

edracochaps switch with ch4 turtling4 is used during p4/p5.

veng should be used throughout the fight for more consistency.

⬥ For fleetingboots rapid swap back to edracoboots immediately after cast.


grico wars dummy to get 7 wenarrow and 7 perfectequilibrium stacks

Phase 1

ecb eofspec→ wait 2t surge + vulnbombdevo → (tc) + smokecloud + grico + stickybombrapidsgb eofspecbolg spec + disruptgrico + dive (→ 4t piercing if not phased)

Phase 2

3 autos rotation (p1 phased on grico)

ecb eofspecgricofleetingboots rapid → 3t vitalityshadowtendsnap → 4t grico + dive

⬥ If telos isn't capped after snap do: demoralise → wait 2t → grico + dive

⬥ If telos isn't capped after demoralise do: routpiercinggrico + dive

4 autos rotation (p1 phased on piercing)

ecb eofspec → wait 2t stickybombgricodeathsporearrows routwenarrow fleetingboots rapid → wait 6t vitalitydemoralise ‎ ‎→ shadowtend ‎ ‎→ snap → 4t grico + dive

Note: If you get tendrils even after following all the backup rotations clear tendrils with sgb eofspec and improvise

Phase 3

ecb eofspecgrico → (limitless) rapidsgb eofspec + grimpiercing → 4t grico + dive

Note: Only go into redbeam if it spawns close, otherwise ignore it

Phase 4

Rotations here are left in simplified form, with a strong understanding of P4 timing and movement being assumed. If in doubt, reference #Ranged Telos (no BOLG) for a detailed font-by-font description.


bolgspec → (limitless) snap

Font 1

(tc) + hydrixbakri gricoreflectch4 anticlearheadeddivertpreppiercing + lure golems → needlemechchin sgb eofspec + divewenarrow gricosurgepiercing + surge

Font 2

(tc) + hydrixbakri tuskaspiercingbolas corruptshotfreedomdivert → target telos + s snapwenarrow rsnap + bolg specgricomds + dive + surge

Font 3

Note: Equip ch4 turtling4 edracochaps before anticlearheaded and keep them on for the remainder of the kill

prepanticlearheadeddevodivert → (tc) + hydrixbakri grico + lure golems → wenarrow piercingmechchin sgb eofspec

Phase 5

Note: for more information on timing & moving efficiently throughout P5, read: #P5 Movement & Timing

(tc) + smokecloud + wenarrow grico + adrenrenewal + disrupt + vulnbombsurge + deathsporearrows ‎ ‎bolg spec + dive to greenbeam

Side beam: 4t cadeturtlingecb eofspec (→ anticlearheaded) → wenarrow rapiddbow eofspecsgb eofspec/dbow eofspec ‎ ‎+ redbeamdbow eofspec/sgb eofspec → improvise

Back beam: ecb eofspecres/anticlearheaded → 4t cadeturtlingwenarrow rapiddbow eofspecsgb eofspec + redbeamdbow eofspec → improvise

Example Kills



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