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Note: Use the Table of Contents present at the bottom of the channel, or in the pinned comments, to quickly navigate through this channel and find the information you are looking for.

Some general notes:

⬥ The game runs on an internal tick system: 1t (tick) = 0.6s (seconds).

⬥ The minimum time between abilities is called the global cooldown: 1 gcd = 3t = 1.8s.

⬥ Some useful sheets and resources are given below.

Ability Damage Maths
To calculate your ability hit damage in detail, click here. This is affected by factors such as your gear and other boosts.
Ability Hit Timings
To see detailed breakdowns on ability hit timings, click here. This refers to when hitsplats appear on your target.
Auto-attack Adren Gain
To see adrenaline gained with different auto attacks, click here.

Note: If you have any difficulties in using the tools or understanding what the information means, you can always ask in #pvm-help.

Necromancy necromancy

This section covers the basic abilities, threshold-like abilities, ultimate abilities, conjures and commands, special attacks, and incantations for Necromancy.


Necromancy necroauto singletarget
⬥ Cooldown: 3t (1.8s) ⬥ Affected by invigorating:     • Gain (invigorating Rank * 0.05) more adrenaline ⬥ NOT affected by impatient ⬥ NOT affected by furyofthesmall ⬥ Automatically activated when in combat (toggleable) ⬥ Generates 1 Death Spark stack if Omni Guard omniguard is equipped     • At 6 Death Spark stacks the necroauto will deal double damage
Touch of Death touchofdeath singletarget
⬥ Cooldown: 24t (14.4s) ⬥ Generates 4 necrosis stacks
Soul Sap soulsap singletarget
⬥ Cooldown: 9t (5.4s) ⬥ Generates 1 residualsoul stack


Thresholds in Necromancy are not like other styles'. Thresholds in Necromancy do not require an adrenaline amount more than the ability's requirement, and drain adrenaline by the shown amount on the tooltip. Some Necromancy Thresholds do not require adrenaline at all but instead will consume stacks of varying types.

Soul Strike soulstrike areatarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ Requires minimum 1 residualsoul stack. One stack is consumed on use. ⬥ Stuns and Binds for 5t (3s) ⬥ Deals a reduced amount of damage to enemies within 1 tile of target
Volley of Souls volleyofsouls singletarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ Requires minimum 2 residualsoul stacks. All stacks consumed on use.
Finger of Death fingerofdeath singletarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ Base adrenaline cost of 60% ⬥ Adrenaline cost reduced by 10% for each necrosis stack ⬥ Consumes up to 6 necrosis stacks
Bloat bloat singletarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ Base adrenaline cost of 20% ⬥ Applies Bloated debuff to target for 10 hits ⬥ Bloated:     • 25% of initial damage per hit every 3t (1.8s)     • On Death: Applies Bloated to up to 9 enemies within 1 tile for 4 hits
Spectral Scythe spectralscythe areatarget
⬥ Cooldown: 25t (15s) ⬥ Base adrenaline cost of 10% ⬥ AoE damage in a cone (max 9 targets) ⬥ On-hit: 25% chance to generate 1 residualsoul stack per target hit ⬥ Able to be re-cast upon unlock from the Necromancy skill tree:     • spectralscythe2 2nd cast costs 20% and does AoE within 2 tiles of you (25 max targets, in addition to your primary target)         ⬩ Also has a 25% chance to generate a residualsoul stack per target hit     • spectralscythe3 3rd cast costs 30% and does AoE within 2 tiles of you (25 max targets, in addition to your primary target)         ⬩ Damage is increased by 1% per 1% missing life points on target
Blood Siphon bloodsiphon areatarget
⬥ Cooldown: 75t (45s) ⬥ No adrenaline cost ⬥ AoE to enemies within 2 tiles of player ⬥ Channeled attack: 4 hits over 8t (4.8s)     • Completing the full channel deals 100% of the total heal plus extra damage to the target ⬥ Heal for 70% of the damage dealt


Death Skulls deathskulls multitarget
⬥ Cooldown: 100t (60s) ⬥ Launches a Death Skull that bounces up to 4 times after hitting the target ⬥ Prioritises enemies by maximum life points, but can also bounce off of you ⬥ The Necromancy Zuk Cape igneouskalmor reduces the adrenaline cost of this ability to 60% and also adds two additional bounces
Living Death livingdeath selftarget
⬥ Cooldown: 150t (90s) ⬥ Change forms into Death form, empowering Necromancy abilities for 30s ⬥ On-cast: the cooldowns of touchofdeath and deathskulls are reset ⬥ While active:     • necroauto generates 2 necrosis stacks     • touchofdeath generates an addition 6% adrenaline     • fingerofdeath deals 1.5x damage     • deathskulls cooldown reduced to 12s

Conjures and Commands

Conjure Skeleton Warrior conjureskeleton selftarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ 70t (42s) duration ⬥ Conjure a Skeleton warrior:     • Skeleton attacks every 5t (3s)     • Generates 1 Rage stack with each attack     • Deals an additional 3% ability damage per Rage stack
Command Skeleton Warrior commandwarrior singletarget
⬥ Cooldown: 25t (15s) ⬥ Commands a conjured skeleton to perform rapid hits (every 1t (0.6s)) for 10t (6s)
Conjure Vengeful Ghost conjureghost selftarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ 70t (42s) duration ⬥ Conjure a Vengeful Ghost:     • Ghost attacks every 7t (4.2s)     • Heal for 140% of the damage dealt by the ghost
Command Vengeful Ghost commandghost singletarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ Applies Haunted to the target     • Haunted: Takes up to 10% bonus damage from all attacks, capped at 20% ability damage
Conjure Putrid Zombie conjurezombie selftarget
⬥ Cooldown: 50t (30s) ⬥ 75t (45s) duration ⬥ Conjure a Putrid Zombie:     • Zombie attacks every 6t (3.6s)     • Zombie inflicts poison damage every 3t (1.8s) to enemies within 1 tile
Command Putrid Zombie commandzombie areatarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ Command the Zombie to explode, dealing large damage to enemies within 2 tiles
Conjure Undead Army conjurearmy selftarget
⬥ Casts up to 4 conjure abilities ⬥ Consumes 2x the ectoplasm for each ability

Special Attacks

Death Grasp deathguard70 / deathguard80 / deathguard90 spec areatarget
⬥ Cooldown: 50t (30s) ⬥ Base adrenaline cost of 25% ⬥ Stuns and Binds the target for 8t (4.8s) ⬥ Deals extra damage for each necrosis stack held, but also consumes all stacks     • The spec seems to hitcap easily without many stacks, so consider using fingerofdeath if at high necrosis stacks before using the Death Grasp spec as to not waste necrosis stacks
Death Essence omniguard spec areatarget
⬥ Cooldown: 100t (60s) ⬥ Base adrenaline cost of 30% ⬥ 50t (30s) duration ⬥ On-cast: immediately readies Death Spark     • Death Spark causes necroauto to deal double damage ⬥ For the duration, touchofdeath, fingerofdeath, and deathskulls immediately ready Death Spark


Lesser Bone Shield lesserboneshield selftarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ Toggleable bone shield with a tier matching 25% necromancy level     • Allows the use of non-offensive abilities that typically require a shield ⬥ Rune cost:     • 5 spiritrune     • 5 bonerune
Threads of Fate threadsoffate selftarget
⬥ Cooldown: 75t (45s) ⬥ 11t (6.6s) duration ⬥ singletarget necromancy attacks will also be cast on up to 4 additional enemies within 4 tiles of the target ⬥ Soul sap soulsap generates residual souls residualsoul equal to number of targets ⬥ Rune cost:     • 5 spiritrune     • 2 bonerune     • 1 fleshrune
Greater Bone Shield greaterboneshield selftarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ Toggleable bone shield with a tier matching 50% necromancy level     • Allows the use of non-offensive abilities that typically require a shield ⬥ Rune cost:     • 10 spiritrune     • 10 bonerune     • 5 fleshrune
Life Transfer lifetransfer selftarget
⬥ Cooldown: 75t (45s) ⬥ Deals self damage equal to 50% max health ⬥ Extends the duration of all active spirits by 34t (20.4s) ⬥ Rune cost:     • 10 spiritrune     • 5 bonerune     • 2 fleshrune     • 1 miasmarune
Invoke Lord of Bones invokelordofbones selftarget
⬥ No Cooldown ⬥ Gain a 60-second buff making your Skeleton Warrior apply a stack of the Shattering bones debuff per attack ⬥ Shattering bones: Reduces armour rating by 0.2% per stack     • Up to 200 stacks can be applied (-40% armour rating) ⬥ Rune cost:     • 8 spiritrune     • 6 bonerune     • 2 fleshrune     • 1 miasmarune
Invoke Death invokedeath selftarget
⬥ Cooldown: 6t (3.6s) ⬥ 10t (6s) duration ⬥ Your next necromancy attack during the 10t duration applies Death Mark     • If your target drops below 20% hp, the next necromancy attack to hit it will execute it. Damage caps at 30,000 ⬥ Rune cost:     • 5 spiritrune     • 2 bonerune     • 2 fleshrune     • 1 miasmarune
Darkness darkness selftarget
⬥ No cooldown ⬥ 1200t (12 min) duration ⬥ Applies the Darkness aspect to self     • 20% chance to dodge incoming attacks ⬥ Rune cost:     • 40 spiritrune     • 20 bonerune     • 10 fleshrune     • 5 miasmarune
Split Soul splitsoul selftarget
⬥ Cooldown: 100t (60s) ⬥ 34t (20.4s) duration ⬥ 400% of the healing from soul split will instead be dealt as damage ⬥ Rune cost:     • 10 spiritrune     • 5 bonerune     • 2 fleshrune     • 1 miasmarune
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Basic Abilities
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Special Attacks