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Dagannoth Kings


The Dagannoth Kings are located at the bottom of the cave in Waterbirth Island, and are generally only camped by high level players in an effort to get the pets or the collection log.

Active Strategy

The Fight

Camp Soul Split soulsplit and switch to the respective T95/T99 Curses (torment anguish turmoil / Affliction Desolation Malevolence) as you kill the Kings. Cancel the channelled threshold abilities with basic abilities to gain additional adren if the King is about to die.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


Dagannoth Supreme

dismember → walked slaughterbloodtendrilsassault (cancel with cleave / sever)

Dagannoth Prime

fragcorruptshotmdssnaprapid (cancel with mds)

Dagannoth Rex

walked combdbreathcorruptblastsonicwavewmasphyx (cancel with dbreath / wrack)

Example Kills

Active DK's

Low Effort Strategy


It’s possible to “semi-AFK” the Dagannoth Kings by switching weapons and using revolution, even without any hybrid armour. Normally, using armour that’s off-style has an accuracy penalty i.e. if using a Melee weapon, then magic/ranged armour will lower accuracy. For DKs, a combination of T90 weapons + overloads + T80 power armour of different styles will ensure 100% accuracy on all three kings. Higher armour or lower tier weapons will affect accuracy, but adding prayers/curses will get accuracy back up to 100%.

The strategy here is to wear power armour of different types i.e. (melee helm, ranged body, magic legs), and swap weapons/prayer for each king. This requires two clicks/key binds every kill, but is otherwise auto-pilot.

⬥ Camp Soul Split soulsplit

⬥ Switch to the respective T95/T99 Curses (torment anguish turmoil / Affliction Desolation Malevolence) as you kill the Kings

⬥ ~160kph with T85-87 weapons in a standard instance

⬥ ~200kph with T90 weapons + a custom instance for fast re-spawns

Preset and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Action Bars

If Using masterworkspearofannihilation:

Generic 2H Melee:

Generic 2H Ranged:

Generic 2H Mage:

Prayer/Weapon Switches:

AFK Strategy

A full guide on how to AFK Dagannoth Kings with poison is available here: #AFK Dagannoth Kings