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Twin Furies Hard Mode


The Twin Furies are located in the Heart of Gielinor, the duo consists of Nymora (left) and Avaryss (right). Entering the encounter requires 40 (or 20, with enough reputation) kill count, and 80 (boostable) Ranged range. This encounter is unique in that both NPC’s share the same health pool of 300k. This means that an AoE attack will essentially do double damage if it hits both twins.

⬥ In challenge mode (herein called Hard Mode) they gain additional mechanics.


Attack Rotations
2 Autos → Jumps + Lava Bombs → Autos → (00:32) Ceiling Collapse + Lava Bombs → Autos → (00:58) Channeled bomb + Lava Bombs → Autos → (01:28) Blue lava bomb + Lava bombs → Autos → Repeat
⬥ Avaryss jumps towards the northern wall and charges down to the southern wall. She will repeat this attack a total of 4 times and will always travel in the cardinal directions (north to south, west to east, etc.).     • You may simply move out of the way after Avaryss jumps to a new wall. Example     • In HM dive hits up to 4,000 melee damage, stuns for three seconds and disables overhead prayers.     • If attacked mid-jump (e.g. deathskulls ); will reflect 90% of damage taken.
Ceiling Collapse
⬥ Nymora will jump to a random square yelling 'we will purge them all!' and cause a ceiling collapse, hitting rapid ranged damage up to 1,000 damage every 1.8s.     • Stand in the 3x3 area around her to negate this. Example
Channeled Bomb
⬥ The twins move to the center of the arena and channel an attack. NM Example ⬥ If the channel finishes, it will deal up to 8,000 damage in Hard Mode. NM Example ⬥ During this phase, the twins take 2x damage     • They stand close enough that Cleave cleave, Hurricane cane , spectralscythe , spectralscythe2 , spectralscythe3 , and Quake quake will hit both of them.     • Explosion hit can be avoided by surging surge to the edges of the arena (or blocking it with defensives).
Lava Bomb
⬥ A lava bomb will spawn with each other mechanic. Lava bombs randomly bounce around the arena 5 times before disappearing, with green arrows indicating its destination. If the player is in a 5x5 square grid of this attack when it lands, they will take 3,000 to 4,000 hard typeless damage.     • After 2 bounces, a second lava bomb spawns.
Blue Lava Bomb
⬥ A blue lava bomb will randomly bounce around the arena 3 times, with green arrows indicating its destination.     • If avoided it will home in and hit the player 6,000 to 7,000 hard typeless damage.     • If the player takes the bomb, the blue bomb will hit both twins for the same damage.

The Fight

⬥ You must continually move out of Avaryss' path (≥2 steps perpendicular).

⬥ It is possible to wrongly Target Cycle onto Avaryss. Manually click on Nymora if this happens.

⬥ While poisonicon hits show, they don't deal damage. Therefore, poisonicon is not used.

Melee HM Twins melee


⬥ The Melee melee rotation below works because hit caps do not apply to the Twin Furies' health pool (the capped hitsplats you see are misleading), allowing chaosroaroverpowerigneous to deal a large amount of damage.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Melee melee can achieve average kill times of 0:20 - 0:30, with consistent 24.6 second kills.

Preset and Relics

Preset Suggestions

noxscythe Noxious Scythe required for Quake.

eofor with dragon2hsword


kalgscroll → Enter instance → antifreedomzerk + adrenrenewalvulnbomb ground → (tc) + gbargenoxscythe quakelengmh lengoh assaultcanegfurydeciseverchaosroaroverpowerigneousdecidestroyhavocgopdragon2hsword eofspec

Example Kills

Melee Hard Mode melee

Necromancy HM Twins necromancy


⬥ The Necromancy necromancy rotation below works because hit caps do not apply to the Twin Furies' health pool (the capped hitsplats you see are misleading), allowing threadsoffate → 12 necrosis deathguard70 spec to deal a large amount of damage.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Necromancy necromancy can achieve average kill times of 0:20 - 0:30 seconds.

⬥ You may wish to summon your conjures on the move, e.g. while getting 100% adrenaline at War's Retreat.

⬥ Position yourself east of Nymora so Avaryss walks into threadsoffate range after Jumps.

disrupt can be used to block a reflect hit when deathskulls bounce to Avaryss mid-jump.

Preset and Relics

Preset Suggestions

⬥ This rotation requires igneouskalmor or igneouskalzuk.

⬥ Omni guard omniguard is required for it's special attack.

⬥ Vigour passive rov and Conservation of Energy conservationofenergy OR supreme invigorate aura invigaura are REQUIRED for this rotation to work.

⬥ Mahjarrat mahj or Dark Magic darkmagic are recommended.


Outside instance:

conjurezombie + kalgscrollconjureskeletonconjureghostcommandghost → right-click 'rejoin instance'

Inside instance:

commandskeleton + right-click 'quick enter instance' → splitsoul + dive northwest → ground vulnbomb → (tc) + deathskullssoulsaptouchofdeathsoulsapnecroautosoulsap + → livingdeath + adrenrenewaltouchofdeathdeathskulls + → soulsapnecroautonecroautothreadsoffatedeathguard70 eofvolleyofsoulsomniguard spec

⬥ ‎ ‎Equip excal

Example Kills

Necromancy Hard Mode necromancy

Normal Mode Twin Furies

A full guide on how to do Twin Furies in normal mode is available here: #Twin Furies - Normal Mode