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Hyperlinked Gear

This includes hyperlinked names with emojis for items commonly used if AFK guides. If you think something is missing feel free to ping or message @chrash. if not wanting to add it yourself.

‎ ‎It is recommended to use this link and use Ctrl+f to find the item you are looking for

Mage Gear

Channeller's ring channellerring

Cryptbloom Armour cryptbloomhelm

Cywir Wand cywirwand

Ganodermic Body ganobody

Ganodermic Legs ganolegs

Seasinger Kiba eliteseasingerwand

Seismic Wand seiswand

Animate Dead animatedead

Greater Concentrated Blast gconc

Greater Chain gchain

Greater Sonic Wave gsonicwave

Greater Sunshine gsunshine

Incite Fear incitefear

Magma Tempest magmatempest

Prism of Restoration prismofrestoration

Scrimshaw of the elements elementsscrim

Ranged Gear

Ascension crossbow ascmh

Bik Arrows bikarrow

Bow of the Last Guardian bolg

Black Stone Arrows blackstonearrow

Deathspore Arrows deathsporearrows

Decimation decimation

Emerald bakriminel bolts (e) emeraldbakri

Ful Arrows fularrow

Jas demonbane arrow jasdemonbanearrow

Jas dragonbane arrow jasdragonbanearrow

Nightmare gauntlets nightmaregauntlets

Noxious longbow noxbow

Onyx bakriminel bolts (e) onyxbakri

Pernix's quiver pernixsquiver

Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) rubybakri

Scrimshaw of cruelty cruelty

Seren godbow sgb

Splintering arrows splinteringarrows

Stalker's ring stalkerring

Wyvern crossbow wyverncrossbow

Wen arrows wenarrow

Greater dazing Shot mds

Greater Death's Swiftness gdeathsswift

Greater ricochet grico

Salt the wound stw

Melee Gear

Abyssal scourge abyssalscourge

Champion's ring championring

Jaws of the Abyss jawsoftheabyss

Laniakea's spear lanispear

Masterwork spear of annihilation mwspear

Noxious scythe noxscythe

Scrimshaw of vampyrism vampscrim

Vestments of havoc hood vestmentsofhavochood

Vestments of havoc robe top vestmentsofhavoctop

Vestments of havoc robe bottom vestmentsofhavocbottom

Vestments of havoc boots vestmentsofhavocboots

Chaos Roar chaosroar

Zuk Capes

Igneous Kal-Xil igneouskalxil

Igneous Kal-Mej igneouskalmej

Igneous Kal-Ket igneouskalket

Igneous Kal-Zuk igneouskalzuk


Cinderbane gloves cinderbanes

Amulet of souls aos

Champion's ring championring

Channeler's ring channellerring

Demon horn necklace demonhornnecklace

Essence of Finality eof

Reaper necklace reaper

Reaver's ring reaverring

Ring of death rod

Stalker's ring stalkerring

Black crystal (reduced healing) blackcrystal

Combat dummy MKII dummy

Combat training dummy (mtx) mtxdummy

Pocket Slot

Book of law (Armadyl) armabook

Book of wisdom (Saradomin) sarabook

Scripture of Ful scriptureofful

Scripture of Jas scriptureofjas

Scripture of Wen scriptureofwen

Deflect Prayers

Deflect magic deflectmage

Deflect melee deflectmelee

Deflect missiles deflectrange


Enchantment of affliction enchantmentofaffliction

Enchantment of agony enchantmentofagony

Enchantment of dispelling enchantmentofdispelling

Enchantment of dread enchantmentofdread

Enchantment of flames enchantmentofflames

Enchantment of heroism enchantmentofheroism

Enchantment of metaphysics enchantmentofmetaphysics

Enchantment of savagery enchantmentofsavagery

Enchantment of shadows enchantmentofshadows


Enhanced luck potion luckpotion

Irit incense sticks iritsticks

Kwuarm incense sticks kwuarmsticks

Portent of restoration X portentofrestorationx

Salve amulet (e) salveamulet

Spirit weed incense sticks spiritsticks


Absorbative 4 absorbative4

Clear headed 4 ch4

Crystal shield 4 crystalshield4

Devoted 4 dev4

Dragon slayer (perk) dragonslayerperk

Enhanced devoted 4 enhdev4

Lucky6 lucky6

Planted feet pf

Scavenging 4 scavenging4

Undead slayer (perk) undeadslayerperk

Venomblood venomblood


Blood reaver reaverpouch

Blood reaver scroll (Blood siphon) reaverscroll

Kal'gerion demon kalgpouch

Crit-i-Kal scroll kalgscroll

Ripper demon ripperpouch

Death From Above scroll ripperscroll

Hellhound hellhoundpouch

Soul Food scroll hellhoundscroll

Nihil (blood) bloodnihil

Nihil (ice) icenihil

Nihil (shadow) shadownihil

Nihil (smoke) smokenihil

It is recommended to use this link and use Ctrl+f to find the item you are looking for