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TzHaar farming guide ~1000 kph


TzHaar creatures are killed for the Ring of Stone drop, which is their rarest item for the Karamja slayer log. This method utilises legacy combat mode. The method is basically just running around the TzHaar City and killing every TzHaar monster you see. If you happen to get the Ring of Stone early, the Fight Cauldron minigame is your best way of obtaining the rest of the items you're missing.

Notable drops

⬥ Ring of stone ringofstone 1/5000 or 1/4850 with lotdrelic / LotD

⬥ Various Tzhaar weapons/armour

⬥ Replace holyovl with ovl

⬥ Any DPS aura, such as darkmagic / mahj / reckless

Weapon preference: Decimation decimation > Upgraded bone blowpipe upgradedboneblowpipe > Seren godbow sgb > Noxious longbow noxbow + quiver with Araxyte arrows raxarrow

⬥ Any decent DPS armour sirenicbody / pernixbody / EliteRobinHoodTop

Presets and Relics

⬥ Legacy mode is ON.

Path cycle

Note: If struggling with run energy, start at the plaza.


Basic Fight Cauldron guide

Overview of the Fight Cauldron

Fight Cauldron is a safe minigame unlocked after the Grandmaster quest The Brink of Extinction. Within the Fight Cauldron minigame, players battle with unlimited waves of TokHaar monsters who wish to test their might, and that of their opponent.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• You will need a total of 228 obsidian shards to make every piece of obsidian equipment. On average, this will take 66 kills in the Cauldron.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Full Obsidian armour is required for the TokHaar-Mok achievement.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Fight Cauldron is also the fastest way to obtain weapon/armour drops for the Karamja slayer log.

Minimal requirements

⬥ 80 + Strength range Magic Constitution Defence prayer

⬥ Any T85 Weapon or better

⬥ A hybrid armour set (lower levels only)

Magic preset

graspingpouchblue Waterrune Soulrune Chaosrune Airrune

graspingpouchblack Bodyrune Firerune Astralrune Bloodrune

⬥ (Runes for exsanguinate)

Ranged preset

quiver with Araxyte arrows raxarrow

***NOTE: If igneouskalmej igneouskalxil are owned, use those instead of kiln capes. ***

Mechanics to watch for

⬥ Hot floor sections

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Keep an eye on the floor. Standing on a hot section of the floor will deal damage equal to 20% of your life points every game tick, which can kill you quickly.

IMPORTANT: If you are about to die, simply leave the fight. If you die, the shard amount that you would get normally rewarded with is halved.

Video Guide made by Trinijunie