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Solak Mage


With powerful soa, armadylbattlestaff and gstaff special attacks, alongside incitefear and tsunamiincite, Magic Magic has the potential for extremely high damage output everywhere, while needing no food due to the very high healing potential with soulsplit. However, due to the nature of the tsunamiincite and soa, no two magic rotations will be the same. While magic has really high damage, magic still struggles to deal with some time-gates in the Solak fight due to the high cooldown on the soa spec.

⬥ This channel will go over guidelines for Duo Base or Dps kills, with the aim of sub 5:30 non storm-tank kills with a capable partner.

⬥ The use of a fractured staff of armadyl soa is required for this style to work.

General Notes

⬥ Spell switching between exsanguinate and incitefear is not needed, can camp incitefear all the way through, a good trick is to swap to bloodbarrage auto-cast while under soa spec on p2 and p3.

⬥ The bloodbarrage auto attack may be replaced by any other auto attack.

⬥ The guide contains rotations for root skips. Phase timing is expected to be 37-40 seconds.

⬥ In duo, it is advised that the DPS pre-places their dominion mines dommine on the SE roots roots, and the Base on the NW roots roots.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Preset Notes

⬥ It is assumed that dps is using a Ripper demon ripperpouch and base is using a Kal'gerion demon kalgpouch

Phase 1

P1 Rotation:

divert (if base) → gsunshine + adrenrenewal → (tc) + smokecloud + gconcdbreathbloodbarrage + soagconctsunamiincitewmasphyx (2hit) → (improvise with armadylbattlestaff eofspec, smoketendrils , omnipowerigneous , gconc , gstaff eofspec) → wmasphyx (2hit) → improvise


Use nat asap after cap (around 38-42s on the kill timer)

⬥ Kill 1 root while building to 100% adren, then ingen + incend (*) the other root.

⬥ Build with basics after incend finishing off all roots and aim to sun at 0:58-1:00 on the kill timer.

⬥ After placing your sun South of your arm (on your side) target Solak or leftover root roots and use basics to build adren until 1:06 on the timer. Base may use divert if needed.

⬥ (pre) soa on Solak → (pre) magmatempesttarget + vulnbomb under arm


⬥ (tc) close arm + bloodbarrage + gchain → (gconc only if low adren) → wmasphyx (use asphyx on partner's arm if your arm dies fast due to many crits).

⬥ Swap the order of wm and asphyx if 50-64% adren.

⬥ Move down next to legs during or before arm spawns.


⬥ (tc) Solak + detovulnbomb + (tc) far leg + bloodbarrage + rdeto + tsunamiincite, (dbreath if needed)


⬥ (pre) magmatempesttargetsmokecloud + gconcomnipowerigneousgstaffsmoketendrilsdbreath or gstaff eofspec or wmgconc → improvise if not dead while staying close to full adren.

⬥ P1 Example Base -

⬥ P1 Example DPS -

Phase 2


⬥ Eruptions are preferably killed together.

⬥ Once eruptions are killed, it is assumed that cleansing with Merethiel is done once, before going up to clear the blight storm for the first time.


Storm tanking:

⬥ South Eruption: (pre) magmatempesttarget + vulnbombbloodbarrage + wmgconcdeep

⬥ North Eruption: vulnbomb + bloodbarrage + gstaff eofspecgconcasphyx ( → dbreath if needed)

Non-Storm tanking :

⬥ South Eruption: (pre) magmatempesttargetbloodbarrage + wmgconcasphyx → finish if needed → (tc) Solak + smokecloud + stormshardscomb, res or divert before going up

⬥ North Eruption: bloodbarrage + omnipowerigneouswmdbreath then surge + bd towards Solak if dps.

Post Eruptions:

gsunshine + adrenrenewal + smokecloudgconcdbreathbloodbarrage + sonicwavetsunamiincitesoagconc → improvise with gstaff eofspec, armadylbattlestaff eofspec, omnipowerigneous, smoketendrils, gconc, 1-2x wm, 1-2x asphyx (2hit)

⬥ After gsunshine, improvise while capping the boss.

⬥ If storm tanking and having a comfortable cap, use debil and reflect during the rain.

Arm Climb

⬥ Both base and dps natantidivertgsunshine right as p3 starts, stack disrupt with divert if dps and storm tanking.

Phase 3

gsunshinegconcdbreathbloodbarrage + soagconctsunamiincitewmasphyx (2hit) → (improvise with armadylbattlestaff eofspec, smoketendrils , omnipowerigneous , gconc , gstaff eofspec) → wmasphyx (2hit) → improvise


smokecloud + omnipowerigneousgconcwmbloodbarrage + asphyx (3hit) → gconcimpactflank or gstaff eofspecbloodbarrage + dbreathgconctsunamiincite or gstaff eofspec.

Phase 4

⬥ Deploy dummy fast after you're out of elf and get 5 incitefear stacks → tsunamiincitegconc (skip if high adren) → soagricocaroming (dummy) → keep building on Solak.

⬥ (pre) magmatempesttarget + smokecloud → (pre) metagconclimitlesssmoketendrilsomnipowerigneouswm → 2-3 hit asphyxarmadylbattlestaff eofspec or gstaff eofspec

⬥ If really high hp: (pre) magmatempesttarget + smokecloud → (pre) metagconclimitless + wmasphyx (2hit) → smoketendrilsomnipowerigneousarmadylbattlestaff eofspec or gstaff eofspec