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Solo Nex


Nex is the Zarosian general in the God Wars dungeon.

When Nex spawns for the first time in a custom instance it will be praying Deflect Magic DeflectMage for the majority of the kill, this is why Ranged-only kills are the meta for fast consistent kills. After every kill you will teleport out of the instance and re-enter in order to force Nex to always be praying Deflect Mage DeflectMage

Note: It is strongly advised to complete the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest in order to get access to the Jas boost which gives a 5% damage boost in GWD1 (including Nex). This can be done via Fairy ring code D.K.Q.

Presets and Relics

Banking Preset

⬥ The most important thing is to have a Frozen key + Ancient Ceremonial set for use with your boss portal.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• You can speak to Ashuelot Reis in the Nex bank and pay a one time cost of the Frozen key + Ancient Ceremonial along with 10M GP to be able to access Nex bank without these items.

⬥ An Enhanced Luck Potion luckpotion works and can be used here.

⬥ A T70+ Defender is required for Ancient Emblem ancientemblem drops

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This is used to make the T80 Defenders (ancientdefender / ancientlantern / ancientrepriser)


⬥ Throw your Vulnerability Bomb vulnbomb at start and on Blood phase.

⬥ Akrisae body has Clear Headed 4 ch4, and is used to build with Escape escape at the start.

⬥ This method relies on Ruby bolt RubyBakri procs on Nex. However, around Ice phase, Ruby bolt RubyBakri procs start to hit less than the ability they are replacing, so it’s optimal to bring a bolt switch. It is generally preferred to camp Ruby RubyBakri until Ice phase, then switch to Dragonstone bolts DragonstoneBakri.

reckless Reckless is the only aura recommended to all players, the hitchance increase will make the fight much smoother.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• For reference, compare your setup with the !hitchance command with and without the aura.


Nex overview

⬥ Nex is a 1x1 NPC and has very strict softcaps, which means that any damage over a certain amount is reduced by X% depending on the phase.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• During the first four phases, Nex has a soft cap that reduces excess damage above 5,000 by 50%.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎⬩ For example, a 6,000 damage hit would be reduced to 5,500 damage.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• On the Zaros phase, the soft cap is changed to reduce excess damage above 2,000 by 75%.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎⬩ This means a 6,000-damage hit would be reduced to 3,000.

Mages overview

⬥ Mages have a soft cap that reduces excess damage above 1,000 by a random amount between approximately 80% and 100%.

⬥ Each mage has 10,000 health and possesses a max hit of around 850. The mages are static and can only be attacked whenever Nex calls their name.

Nex has 5 phases; Smoke, Shadow, Blood, Ice, and Zaros. Each phase has 2 special attacks, with the exception of Zaros

Special Attacks

Special Attacks
Smoke Phase
⬥ Virus → 5 auto-attacks → No escape → Five auto-attacks → Repeat.     • Don't stand in middle crossways. Example     • Nex may drag you to MD of her at random times, nulling all damage. Example
Shadow Phase
⬥ Shadow traps (if phased before virus) → Darkness → Shadow traps → 4 auto-attacks → Repeats from second shadow traps. ⬥ Move from Shadows and don’t stand MD.     • A shadow trap is avoided. Example     • A player escapes the shadows engulfing them. Example
Blood Phase
⬥ Siphon summon → 3 auto-attacks → Blood sacrifice → 3 auto-attacks → Repeat. ⬥ Attacks during Siphon will heal Nex and sacrifice will heal Nex if not phased and in range.     • Nex summoning her Blood Reavers. Example     • Nex sacrifices a player. Example ⬥ Any bleeds used during this phase will heal Nex rather than damage her (frag corruptshot deadshot) ​
Ice Phase
⬥ First special attack (based on phase start) → 3 auto-attacks → Second special attack (based on phase start) → 3 auto-attacks → Repeat. ⬥ If Blood phase ended with Sacrifice, Ice will start with Contain. Example ⬥ If Blood phase ended with Siphon, Ice will start with Prison. Example     • Run from Contain and Freedom freedom into eating up then vitality     • Glacies' attacks can freeze players if they aren't using Protect/Deflect Magic; keeping the prayer active will result in all of her attacks missing regardless of the player's armour rating. ​
Zaros Phase
⬥ Upon the start of this phase, Nex activates Turmoil turmoil and heals herself for 33,333 (1/6) of her health to boost it up to 73,333. Example ⬥ Nex does not have any unique special attacks in this phase and uses only her melee and magic autoattacks ​

Rotations with Ascension Crossbows + a 2H ascmh ascoh

Note: Make sure to use Jas Boost


Target Fumus ASAP and start building adrenaline with defensives. Freedom freedom should be first, and Anticipate anti should be last. Spam click the minion as sometimes when you Escape escape, you won't get adrenaline from Anticipate anti if you don't keep clicking the minion before Escape escape.

anti + vulnbomb as Nex says "Fill my soul with smoke!" (~10s)

Smoke Phase

Auto → shadowtendfrag (Walk backwards) → (DW) rapidneedlesnap

Shadow Phase

Tag with frag walk under her → Reprisal → Spam click Nex to get a lossless auto → (DW) rapidneedlesnipesnap → Improvise

Blood Phase

Vuln → (pre-phase) snipe → (DW) rapidneedlesnapmds (Surge surge from Red) → (if Nex isn't phased yet) snipeTuskas / needle / Thresh

Ice Phase

Contain First

Auto → shadowtendsnipe (Run from Contain) → rapidsnap (tag minion ASAP)

Prison First

Run to max attack distance and phase with Dazing Shot mdsanti during the phase and eat a lot of jellies and grests to get to full HP → shadowtendsnapReprisal prison → rapidsnipe / mds

Zaros Phase

rapidfragcorruptshotdeadshotmdsneedleTuskasmdsneedle → 5 tick Auto → fragrapid

Video Guide

This rotation was entirely adapted from the fantastic video version made by @Unknown user.

Rotations with Dual Wield + Greater Ricochet ascmh ascoh grico

Note: Make sure to use Jas Boost


⬥ Use the same preset listed above for dual wield.

adrenrenewalflask will likely be used after Blood phase/Cruor, but should be improvised depending on adrenaline needs.

⬥ These rotations involve specific positioning to achieve fast kill times (1:40s - 1:50s).

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Be sure to check out the videos section to see how to position, especially in Shadow and Ice Phase.

⬥ Stay in combat in-between runs by using surge / bd / defensives. This will help ensure that you can trigger crackling in Smoke phase.

anti + vulnbomb as Nex says "Fill my soul with smoke!" (~9s). Turn on your Godbook armabook right as the timer starts or before it.

Smoke Phase

rapiddbow eofspec → Fast basics as needed. This assumes one of Ruby/Crackling/Book procs, which happen often. You should be ready to improvise i.e. dbow eofspec will hit for ~13k, so if Nex is at 176k after rapid fire, use needle before dbow eofspec.


Tag with corruptshot → + Run / surge towards Fumus → Position at corner + grico. Finish with basics if needed.

Example Smoke → Shadow transition.

Note: There is a step towards Nex and then away from Nex when frag is cast. This ensures walked damage. Otherwise, the first few hits will be un-walked while Nex does her speech to transition

Shadow Phase

Tag with fragsurge towards Cruor off GCD → freedom for adrenaline → Spam click Nex to get a lossless auto → snapsnipedbow eofspecTuskas / needle / Fast Basics if needed.

Example Shadow phase kiting

Note: Soul Split can be freely used at the start of Shadow phase. Nex will not attack you until she does “Embrace Darkness!” Running back and forth here allows you to delay the Nex autos.


Tag with corruptshot → Position at corner + grico. Finish with basics if needed.

Blood Phase

Vulndivert / res for adren → (pre-phase) sniperapiddbow eofspec + Surge to Cruor → Finish with basics if needed.


Tag with corruptshot → Position at corner + grico. Finish with basics if needed.

Example Blood → Ice transition

Ice Phase

Tag with fraganti for adrenaline + surge towards Glacies → shadowtend (will trigger Auto) → snap (Run from Contain) + place mines at Glacies if you have them → dbow eofspec → basics as needed → (tag minion ASAP). You might want to do needle before dbow eofspec if she’s >55k HP.

Watch the video for positioning and keep your HP high for ice prison. When in prison, you can target-cycle to Glacies to finish the minion.


Tag with corruptshotgrico + basics if needed/no mines.

Zaros Phase

Tag with frag + walk → rapidgricodbow eofspeccorruptshot → Repeat and finish.

Rotation with a Noxious Longbow and Greater Ricochet noxbow grico

Note: Make sure to use Jas Boost

What to Expect

This method can achieve around ~1:45 kills optimally (27 kph). Even with scuffed kills you can average 2:00-2:20. Nex has an attack range of 8 spaces, while Nox Bow has a range of 9, so you can always force Nex to walk frags and delay attacks depending on where you stand.

Review the position indicators at the bottom of this guide to see where to stand while phasing.


⬥ Use a Blood reaver familiar bloodreaver over a shadow nihil for this method.

⬥ Adrenaline renewal adrenrenewal can be used at Cruor / before Ice phase, but improvise as needed.

⬥ Bring two Dominion Mines dommine to mine Glacies in Ice phase for smoother phasing.

⬥ You will need to apply 8-15 Black Stone Arrow blackstonearrow stacks to get to 100% hitchance on Nex, depending on weapon tier, prayer variant (Anguish anguish / Desolation Desolation), and Reaper Reaper stacks. You can check the Hit Chance calculator to get the number for your exact setup.


anti + vulnbomb as Nex says "Fill my soul with smoke!" (~10s). Turn on your scripture scriptureofful when you enter the instance or as the timer starts.

Smoke Phase

Auto → shadowtendrapiddbow eofspec → Basics if needed



Shadow Phase

Tag with fragfreedom → Auto + snapsnipedbow eofspec → Basics if needed



Blood Phase

Switch to deathsporearrowsVuln (if needed) → (pre-phase) mds / fast basic → sniperapiddbow eofspec + Surge to Cruor → Finish with basics if needed



Ice Phase

Tag with fragsurge towards Glacies. Auto → shadowtendsnap (Run from Contain) → dbow eofspecmds → (tag minion ASAP)



Zaros Phase

deadshotigneousfrag + walk → rapidgricocorruptshotdbow eofspec / snap / repeat basics → Finish the kill


Note: The white square represents the player, the red dot represents Nex and the yellow dot represents minions. The arrow points in the general direction of movement for the phase

Smoke Phase

Stand on the west side, once she’s phased click on Fumus and after you Corruption Shot corruptshot, Surge surge into Fumus and make your way over to the north-western safespot, by the time she’s able to attack you Fumus should be low HP or dead depending on if you got any procs. Try and run her if she’s close to surging through the middle.

Shadow Phase

During shadow make your way over to the north-eastern safespot, one method is to phase her on the northern side then once she is phased make your way to the north-eastern safe spot whilst you're killing Umbra so you're not stuck taking shadow bleed damage at the safe spot for long.

Once phased, try to stay MD/ 2 squares away from Nex so she can reach you instantly and begin siphoning.

Blood Phase

During her siphon, make your way over to the eastern safe spot whilst staying at an even number of squares so that if she does run to you, she won’t run underneath you which could delay her attacks which could mean she won’t sacrifice if everything lines up poorly. At the eastern safespot you can click Cruor during your Rapid Fire rapid and it won’t switch unless your ability ends or Nex phases.

After she is phased, make your way over to the south-eastern safespot so she will follow you, allowing no tick loss during the transition from Blood to Ice as you’ll want to be MD to Glacies during the beginning of Ice.

Ice Phase:

Once Cruor is dead, Surge surge to Glacies and stand MD to her.

Zaros Phase

Try not to run Nex too much whilst your book is off cooldown.

Phase Notes

Smoke Phase Notes

⬥ Throw your bomb right vulnbomb before the kill is about to start.

⬥ Make sure to Rapid Fire rapid with Ascensions so that there's a chance to proc the Ruby bolt RubyBakri effect.

⬥ If the boss doesn't phase, follow up with needlesnipesnap, and run the boss while you do so.

⬥ Both bleeds then good basics on the minion.

Shadow Phase Notes

⬥ If you proc a Ruby bolt RubyBakri during Rapid Fire rapid, Needle Strike needle into Snap Shot snap without Snipe snipe.

⬥ Reprisal isn't necessary Reprisal, but makes it easier when you don't get a Ruby bolt RubyBakri proc.

⬥ Both bleeds and good basics on the minion.

Blood Phase Notes

⬥ Be sure to let her Sacrifice so you get a contain first on Ice phase

⬥ In rare cases it is possible to have to your Adrenaline Potion adrenrenewalflask in order to use Rapid Fire rapid. In this case you will need to improvise your Zaros rotation.

⬥ Both bleeds and good basics on Cruor.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If Nex is going into MD you, it's worth it to run her to stall autos, but don't worry too much if she does another Siphon before you can phase.

⬥ Practice your Snipe snipe timing so that it hits right when Nex is attackable, rather than healing her. You can snipe when her Wings go up a 3rd time.

Ice Phase Notes

⬥ If you get prisoned before targeting Glacies you can Target Cycle to attack him.

Zaros Phase Notes

⬥ Disruption shield disrupt may be used if you are low on food.

⬥ You can run Nex if low on food, but don't need to (and will end up walking book procs). It's optimal to do so if you notice her SS is active.

Example Kills

Ascension Crossbow + Grico 26 kill hour

Nox Bow + Grico 27 kill hour