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Mage-Ranged Hybrid Raksha Guide


Raksha is a dinosaur dubbed the "Shadow Colossus" which is located in Anachronia. Raksha can be fought either solo or duo, with linear hp scaling for duo mode. The drop rates for duo are also exactly the same as solo.

Each Raksha kill is worth coins 3,398,188, with coins 488,902 of that coming from commons. Advanced players can get up to 34.3 kph, earning on average 116,557,854 gp/hr.

This guide assumes you are already familiar with Raksha's mechanics, phasing, and attack rotations. If not, please read #raksha-basic.

Advanced Mage/Ranged Hybrid Strategy

Preset and relics

Preset Suggestions



dummy fularrow incendnatvokepiercingmdspiercing + surgesunshinedeathsporearrows gricomagmatempest

Phase 1

smokecloud fsoa spec (incitefear autocast) → gconcwm → (exsanguinate autocast)armadylbattlestaff eofspecomniarmadylbattlestaff eofspecgconctsunamiasphyx

Note: Phase time can vary depending on crits. Step out from the tailswipe after tsunami if not phased.

Phase 2

armadylbattlestaff eofspecdeathsporearrows gricosmoketendrilswrackandruindeathsswiftecb eofspecfularrow snapbolg spec

Note: All ranged abilities should be cast in full Sirenic switch.

Phase 3

gricosgb eofspecrapid (7-hit) → shadowtend → (4-tick) gricodbow eofspecgconcdbreath

Phase 4

corruptblast (incitefear autocast) → magmatempestbloodbarrage gconcdbreathbloodbarrage sonicwavesunshine + adrenrenewalbloodbarrage Tuskasgconctsunamifsoa specgconcwmdbreathasphyxarmadylbattlestaff eofspecgconcomniarmadylbattlestaff eofspecsmoketendrilsarmadylbattlestaff eofspecarmadylbattlestaff eofspecwm

Example Kills