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2000% Solo Zamorak (Ranged)


2000% Zamorak can be farmed solo with range while skipping most specs that would normally slow down other styles such as magic and necromancy. The rotations and spec order in this guide are designed to work at HP cap (1740%+), but can still function at slightly lower enrages with some adaptation. Higher enrages than 2000% will run into issues with incoming damage and Channelers HP scaling resulting in higher red HP to deal with.

⬥ Players can expect to get consistent kills below 7:15 when following the rotations in this guide, with room to optimise well below 7:00 with clean movement and good decision making.

⬥ This guide assumes pre-existing knowledge of Zamorak's mechanics, how to deal with them, and how his auto attacks work. Visit #Zamorak Basic Guide or #Zamorak Main Guide for in-depth information on these mechanics.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions
Checklist and Unlocks
powderofpenance Powder of Penance activated at bank ⬥ darkness Darkness activated before fight begins ⬥ kalgscroll Kal'gerion spec active before fight begins, autofire set to 1 ⬥ limitless Limitless Sigil unlocked ⬥ graspingpouch Pouches with runes for smokecloud, sbslunars, and disrupt (click preset link for setups) ⬥ pernixsquiver Quivers with wenarrow, deathsporearrows, fularrow, and blackstonearroweof EoFs with dbow, sgb, ecb, zekkil, and deathguard90 ⬥ Bonfire + thermal spa HP boosts are active

General Information

⬥ Improvisation is required around deathsporearrows deathspore procs, perfectequilibrium BoLG stacks, adrenaline, and incoming damage between phasing into grey HP and red hp during the next pad. However, green hp rotations should work consistently to phase Zamorak at the desired times.

⬥ All wenarrow uses are assumed to be at 15 stacks, building between pads alongside deathsporearrows

⬥ Abilities denoted by wenarrow grico deathsporearrows represent wensporing (swapping from wenarrow to deathsporearrows after casting an ability on the same tick to receive both arrow effects)

⬥ Take note of the arrow types used during each section of the fight. Messing up ammo swaps can result in an inability to phase at the desired times.

enhreplen is used in the preset to be able to gdeathsswift + enhreplenbolg spec on phase 4 but adrenrenewal works fine as well with tighter input timing. There is minimal difference between the two options.

zekkil eofspec is optional but abyssalscourge is highly recommended to be able to quickly put up two bleeds with minimal time investment.

animahelmsliske is used to avoid a hit chance penalty for using melee and necromancy abilities during the fight.

incend on a perfectequilibrium proc will deal more damage and make clearing red HP easier, any incendgdeathsswift that appears in this guide can be adjusted into gdeathsswiftincendpiercing/mds if available at 5/6 perfectequilibrium stacks respectively.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This is a slight optimization but you should not intentionally slow down otherwise just to get the perfectequilibrium proc.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• The largest time saves will come from good movement between pads and good rotational improvisation to clear red HP as quickly as possible.

Special Attack Order

⬥ Pad order is assumed to be 2 → 4 → 1 → 3 → 6 → 5

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• (Optional) 2 → 5 → 1 → 3 → 6 → 4 may also be used for less incoming damage during p1-6 but with more required movement and having to deal with traps

Red HP mechanics are always skipped in this guide, all listed mechanics occur in green HP

⬥ Order:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P1: Flames of Zamorak → Infernal Tomb + Phase (Tomb and Phase occurs at the same time)

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P2: Adrenaline Cage → Phase

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P3: Chaos Blast → Phase

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P4: Rune of Destruction → Adrenaline Cage → Phase

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P5: Chaos Blast → Phase

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• P6: Rune of Destruction → Flames of Zamorak (skippable) → Phase



⬥ At War's Retreat dummy: threadsoffatesoulsaptouchofdeath

⬥ On witches: build 15 wenarrow stacks, 5 deathsporearrows stacks, and be at 3 perfectequilibrium stacks with bolg spec active for ~13 seconds remaining as the last witch is finished

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Using bolg spec on the 2nd or 3rd witch will line this timer up naturally

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Be at 3-4 deathsporearrows stacks as the 5th witch is finished, then gricocorruptshot/mds/piercing the last witch to hit 5 deathsporearrows stacks and 3 perfectequilibrium stacks

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Having improper prefight setup will result in less consistent phasing and adrenaline

Phase 1

⬥ The goal of this phase is to phase Zamorak into green hp with no autos during red hp, deal with the Flames of Zamorak spec with disrupt + res, then receive the Infernal Tomb spec as you phase him by stacking bleeds with zekkil eof

⬥ The first few abilities in gdeathsswift are done with blackstonearrow to stack the defence debuff for future fularrow and supersara use.

Phase 1 Rotation:

divert/res → (tc)+deathsporearrows incendsurge to pad + gdeathsswiftsmokecloud + limitless blackstonearrow snapgricorapidwenarrow dbow eofspecdbow eofspecbolg specgricosgb eofspec + disruptpiercingdbow eofspecpiercingsnap* → gricochaosroarreszekkil eofspecdismemberbloodtendrils + enhreplenbloatwenarrow grico deathsporearrowsantibindingshot

‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If done correctly, Zamorak should phase into green hp on the 2nd dbow eofspec

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Replace snap* with filler global if Zamorak is already around 1400k-1415k

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Delaying an ability by one tick will line up bindingshot perfectly with the Infernal Tomb stun timing, preferably on one of the zekkil eofspec bleeds.

Witch + Demon

surge + touchofdeathsurge+deathskulls + demonslayerinvokedeaththreadsoffatesoulsapvolleyofsouls + bd/surge to rune to exit

Phase 2

⬥ From here on, improvisation is required between pads to build 5 deathsporearrows stacks, then getting off incend + gdeathsswift before each pad refund.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Move to the next pad and charge it as soon as possible that will allow for an efficient adrenaline refund after incendgdeathsswiftbolg spec/dbow eofspec.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• divert/res as needed for adrenaline and/or safety

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• All bolg spec are assumed to be done between 3-7 perfectequilibrium stacks

Red HP is cleared with fularrow and getting efficient perfectequilibrium procs with snap/dbow eofspec/bolg spec

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Example: gricobolg specpiercingdbow eofspecpiercing (pad refund) → dbow eofspecpiercingsnap (red HP cleared)

Phase 2 Rotation:

divertsmokecloud + deathsporearrows grico until 5 stacks + walk to pad → incendgdeathsswiftwenarrow gricofularrow bolg spec → ‎ ‎piercingdbow eofspec until pad refund → dbow eofspec + adjust for perfectequilibrium procs until phased into green → wenarrow gricofularrow rapid wenarrow vitality(swap to wenarrow after 3 ticks) → sgb eofspecwenarrow dbow eofspec deathsporearrowswenarrow grico deathsporearrowswenarrow dbow eofspec/snap until phased → dismember + realmmovement

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Wensporing on a few abilities is needed for deathsporearrows cooldown refund for next phase, ~15 seconds


invokedeath + surge + bdbloattouchofdeathdeathguard90 eofspec (12 stack) → wenarrow gricolimitless devo + realmmovement

Phase 3

⬥ On fast entries, incend and gdeathsswift may still be on cooldown (>10s) upon exiting infernus, be careful of using grico immediately as getting 5 deathsporearrows stacks that can't be used by the time incend/gdeathsswift comes up will result in inability to execute the given rotation.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• You may opt to stay out longer in phase 2 to deal more damage to grey HP before entering infernus as opposed to waiting out incend/gdeathsswift cooldown afterwards. This can result in more damage taken from auto attacks in grey HP.

Phase 3 Rotation:

divertsmokecloud + deathsporearrows grico until 5 stacks + walk to pad → incendgdeathsswiftwenarrow gricofularrow bolg specpiercingdbow eofspec until pad refund → dbow eofspec + adjust for perfectequilibrium procs until phased into green → grico/piercingecb eofspecwenarrow rapidsgb eofspecdbow eofspecsnapgricoimmortdismember + realmmovement

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• ecb eofspec is used during Chaos Blast spec while Zamorak is not attacking


invokedeath + surge + bddivert either bomb or omni → touchofdeathdeathskullsdeathguard90 eofspecwenarrow grico + realmmovement

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• immort proccing will clear invokedeath, necrosis stacks, and deathskulls

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• You may opt to stay out slightly longer dealing damage to grey HP to adjust the timing of immort proccing around these effects. Losing necrosis is generally acceptable to put up invokedeath before immort procs.

Phase 4

⬥ The goal of this phase is to kill the protector with enhreplen + bolg spec(adren refund) → dbow eofspec, then phase Zamorak while getting the Adrenaline Cage spec during Rune of Destruction.

⬥ In order to avoid placing gdeathsswift inside the upcoming Rune of Destruction unsafe zone, walk forward before surge towards the protector after charging the pad.

Phase 4 Rotation:

smokecloud+deathsporearrows grico until 5 stacks + walk to pad → incend + surgegdeathsswift + enhreplen → target protector + smokecloud + fularrow bolg specdbow eofspec → targetzamorak + mdswenarrow rapidsgb eofspecsnapdbow eofspecgricofularrow bolg specrapiddbow eofspecgrico → until ~620k hp chaosroarzekkil eofspecdismemberbloodtendrilsfrag/bloatreflect vitalitywenarrow grico/filler until rune ends + realmmovement (spam to enter infernus as quickly as possible during cage)

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Stop ranged dps around 620k to begin bleeding with zekkil eofspec


invokedeath + surge + bddeathskullstouchofdeathdeathguard90 eofspecwenarrow gricolimitless devo + realmmovement

Phase 5

⬥ This phase is essentially the same as phase 3 except now rapid can be used twice. The same ecb eofspec rotation from phase 3 will take care of green HP as Zamorak charges Chaos Blast.

⬥ Incoming damage from Zamorak's autos from this point on can be extremely high with unlucky darkness/enhdev4 procs. It's important to charge each pad and start rapid as soon as possible to clear red HP and stop Zamorak's buffed autos quickly. Sip supersara proactively and elderovlsalve re-overload if stats become too drained.

Phase 5 Rotation:

divertsmokecloud + deathsporearrows grico until 5 stacks + walk to pad→incendgdeathsswiftwenarrow gricofularrow rapidbolg specsnapdbow eofspecgrico + adjust for perfectequilibrium procs until phased into green → ecb eofspecwenarrow rapidsgb eofspecdbow eofspecsnapgricoimmortdismember + realmmovement


invokedeath + surge + bddivert either bomb or omni → touchofdeathdeathskullsdeathguard90 eofspecwenarrow grico deathsporearrowslimitless devo + realmmovement

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• You may again opt to stay out for longer to deal damage to grey HP and adjust the timing of immort proc around invokedeath,touchofdeath, and deathskulls.

Phase 6

⬥ At this point, you gain enough adrenaline on basics from pad 1 that you should immediately begin charging the next pad regardless of adrenaline as you exit. enhreplen can also be used if you exit with extremely low adrenaline.

rod can be equipped later into the phase for safety since the proc effect resets upon phasing into p7.

Phase 6 Rotation

smokecloud + resdeathsporearrows grico until 5 stacks + walk to pad → incendgdeathsswiftwenarrow gricofularrow rapid wenarrow (swap to wenarrow after 3 ticks) → sgb eofspecbolg specsnapdbow eofspecgricofularrow bolg spec/reflect/reswenarrow mds/piercinggricorapidsnapdbow eofspecgricobolg spec + adjust for perfectequilibrium procs until phased

‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If the Flames of Zamorak spec is received, use devo on the melee slam, disrupt + res the bomb, and leave any additional black smoke on the ground to pick up as you phase. Alternatively, rod proc this mechanic if very close to phasing.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Can swap to necromancy and invokedeath to finish Zamorak if you are out of ways to deal damage with range by the end of the phase

Phase 7

vitality may be used on the two autos from Zamorak + possible auto from the demon if HP is low entering the phase.

⬥ Make sure to maintain <=60% HP as the cycle begins to make full use of the pad 6 buff.

perfectequilibrium stacks clear upon phase transition so stacks should always be consistent when following any given rotation.

Phase 7 Rotation

Phase transition



vulnbomb demonslayer deathsporearrows rapidwenarrow grico deathsporearrows + surge towards zamorakincendgdeathsswiftwenarrow piercing


surge to first rune→mdsfularrow bolg specsurge/bd to second rune → piercingecb eofspecgricomds if not dead


disrupt + target zamorak + vulnbomb + equip rodwenarrow rapidsgb eofspecdbow eofspeclimitless snap

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Expect the melee slam to deal ~1500-3000 damage through disrupt+deflectmelee.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• rod should proc on the smoke bomb.

Example Kills

6:51 range
7:07 range

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