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Gregorovic Hard Mode


Sliske's general in the Heart of Gielinor, Gregorovic is largely considered to be one of the harder GWD2 bosses for learners. He requires 80 prayer and 40 Sliske killcount to fight. In challenge mode (herein called Hard Mode) he gains additional phases.

Note: This guide has high requirements and is primarily aimed at those needing 100 killcount for the Insane Final Boss title.


⬥ Igneous Kal-Mor igneouskalmor or Igneous Kal-Zuk igneouskalzuk for ‎ ‎deathskulls

⬥ Omni guard omniguard

⬥ Vigour passive rov and Conservation of Energy conservationofenergy are REQUIRED for this rotation to work.

⬥ Kal'gerion demon kalgpouch with scrolls kalgscroll

⬥ Erethdor's Grimoire grim for better consistency.

⬥ DPS aura such as Mahjarrat mahj or Dark Magic darkmagic

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


Attack Rotation
⬥ 3 Autos → Bouncing Blade → 3 Autos → Summon Spirits → 3 Autos → Shadow Spots → Repeat ​
Bouncing Blade
⬥ The first special attack occurs after 3 autos; he will throw a blade that bounces between you and himself (it will not damage him). It will hit the player 3 times. Example
Summon Spirits
⬥ He will summon a spirit dependent on the area of the room that he's standing in, that will walk towards him. If it reaches melee distance of him it will be consumed granting Greg a buff based on the spirit summoned. The ghosts that are summoned are the spirts of Mania, Rage, and Delirium. Example     • Spirit of Mania - connecting causes his attack speed to increase.     • Spirit of Rage - connecting with him causes his damage to increase.     • Spirit of Delirium - connecting causes his poison damage to increase. Note: Spirit of Delirium can be ignored if mitigating poison damage via incense sticks or venomblood. By standing in the northwest corner he will only spawn this spirit.
Shadow Spots
⬥ Finally he will do a shadow spot attack similar to the twin furies, certain areas are marked with shadows that you must move out of to avoid a large mage hit, they come in small clusters with one being directly on the spot you are standing on and a few nearby. Example
⬥ At 140k health he will summon 3 clones, and at 60k he will summon 4 clones, they have 3k lp each and Greg may teleport to them at random. Example
P2: Wight phase
⬥ At 0k lp Greg will become invulnerable, all ghosts and clones alive despawn , and Greg will turn the player into a shadow version of himself. .     • In this state the player cannot use damaging abilities and must use Greg's auto-attacks.     • 3 wights with 9k lp each will spawn, and a total of 6 wights will spawn over time.     • Your autoattacks (dealing 2000-4000 damage) can ricochet to a second wight if it is within 3 tiles of your primary target, dealing 50% damage to the secondary target.     • Greg will instantly heal 5k lp, and every few seconds regenerate another 10k lp.     • The phase ends when all 6 wights have been killed.
Phase 3
⬥ Greg will become vulnerable again, with however many lifepoints he managed to regenerate during phase 2. At 60k lp left, he will once again summon clones.

What to Expect

This method can achieve average kill times of 1:00 - 1:10.

The Fight

⬥ Bank between kills to reset cooldowns.

Pre-build outside of instance:^^** ‎ ‎conjurezombieconjureghostconjureskeletoncommandghost → rejoin instance kalgscroll + splitsoul → enter instance.

Phase 1-3

P1: invokedeathdive+surge to opposite corner → ‎ ‎commandskeleton → (tc) vulnbomb + deathskulls + activate excalomniguard specbloatnecroautotouchofdeathnecroautofingerofdeathdeathguard70 spec → filler.

P2 (wight phase): surge to a corner, click wight to auto-attack.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Build to at least 45% adren using anti , freedom , res or prep

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• On sixth wight use invokedeath and commandskeleton

P3: (tc) touchofdeathfingerofdeathdeathguard70 spec → filler

Tips and Tricks

dive +surge upon entering ensure your conjures are in the arena.

⬥ With a swift DPS rotation Greg's Phase 1 mechanics and poison damage can be ignored. darkness can be used if damage taken is high, or eat blueblubber

⬥ On Phase 2 conjures, familiars (at time of testing) and dreadnips do not work. poisonicon does work and is therefore recommended, despite HM Greg being poisonicon immune.

⬥ On phase 2 surge into a corner helps group up the wights to bring them down quickly.

⬥ On phase 2 wights might need to be retargeted multiple times as autoattacking halts when eating or moving.

⬥ Adrenaline can be build while killing wights, which speeds up the final phase. Similarly, you can use invokedeath and commandskeleton while killing the 6th wight to save time for phase 3.

Video Example

Normal mode Gregorovic

A full guide on how to do normal mode Gregorovic is available here: #Gregorovic - Normal Mode