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Hermod, the Spirit of War


Hermod is a lieutenant of Rasial, the First Necromancer. He is a phantom born out of the unending conflicts of the God Wars in the Third Age, and continuously reforms himself when destroyed as long as wars are waged on Gielinor. You can only damage him with the Necromancy combat style and poison.

In order to fight Hermod you must complete The Spirit of War quest.

Notable drops:

hermodicplate Hermodic plates, which are used for the Necromancy power armour.

drumsticks Animated drumsticks, which are used for That Old Black Magic quest.

Useful Items & Unlocks

These are all highly recommended.

undeadslayer Undead Slayer Ability

undeadslayerperk Undead Slayer Perk

salveamulet Salve Amulet (e)

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions


He will only attack with Necromancy and only has 2 mechanics that differ from autos.

⬥ Smash

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• When he does this he will draw back his sword and hit your current location. This will disable your protection prayers. When he's about to do it there will be a green aura around the location. Simply move or use veng and tank it to deal extra damage.

⬥ Conjure

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Roughly every 48 seconds he will summon 2 armoured phantoms and become completely immune to damage until they are dead. If you get this mechanic utilise threadsoffate and good abilities such as volleyofsouls + fingerofdeath.


There are currently 2 rotations which are used.

Both of which require igneouskalmor / igneouskalzuk, however for the level 76+ one you can get away without and just remove deathskulls from the rotation and just do more fingerofdeath spam. Equip excal to dismiss your conjures.

Note: these can be achieved with a revo++ and a few minimal inputs. (level 92+ is mostly manual)

Level 76-92 Rotation

conjureghostconjureskeleton → enter instance → commandghost + surgecommandskeleton → (tc) + vulnbomb + touchofdeathlivingdeath + adrenrenewaltouchofdeath + undeadslayerfingerofdeathdeathskullsnecroautofingerofdeathnecroautonecroautofingerofdeath

Level 92+ Rotation

conjureghost after warsretreatteleportlivingdeath + conjureskeleton + conjurezombie at Wars Retreat → commandghost → enter instance → splitsoul + surgeinvokedeathcommandskeletonundeadslayer + (tc) + vulnbomb + deathskullstouchofdeathfingerofdeathspec → as Hermod dies equip excal

Revo++ Bar

Level 76-92 notes: you manually do the conjureskeleton, conjureghost, vulnbomb, adrenrenewal + undeadslayer. It will do the rest for you.

Level 92+ notes: you manually do the conjureskeleton, conjureghost, vulnbomb, adrenrenewal, undeadslayer, splitsoul, invokedeath + spec. It will do the rest for you in a suboptimal order.

AFK Strategy

A full guide on how to AFK Hermod is available here: #AFK Hermod