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Temple of Aminishi - Necromancy necromancy


⬥ Rotations are written for each of the three ED1 bosses and the monsters in between. The rotations can be adapted as required.

⬥ Boss rotations assume you have the Invigorating 4 invig4 and Impatient 4 imp4 perks on your armour.

⬥ It's recommended to set your anti-spam delay on surge to 1 via the Lectern at Anachronia.

⬥ You can surge or bd a tick before each gate unlocks to save a tick on every entry.

⬥ Darkness darkness can be used and reapplied where required to mitigate the damage taken while learning, however it should be avoided when comfortable with the encounter to avoid losing Divert divert adrenaline and Vengeance veng damage.

Presets and Relics

Preset Notes

⬥ Hand wrap of the First Necromancer firstnecrohandwrap should only be worn when summoning conjures or for Seiryu Crystals. Otherwise, Cinderbane Gloves cinderbanes should be used.

⬥ It's possible to bring Lucky Charms ed1luckycharm for some extra profit at the cost of Dungeoneering tokens.

⬥ Mobile mob perk is a must have on gear.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Alternatively, use Shadow's Grace shadowsgrace.

LotD Luck of the Dwarves will not improve the number of scales dropped.

⬥ This guide assumes that Kal'gerion Demon Scrolls kalgscroll are used, which can be set to autofire and will auto-renew as the buff expires.

Dungeon Walkthrough


conjurearmylifetransfercommandghostinvokedeathreflectcommandskeleton + surge + dive

4 Elite Sotapannas

(tc) (wait 1t) bloodsiphoncommandzombie + click sotapanna directly north + spectralscythe ( → click southeastern sotapanna to touchofdeath if not cleared) → accel + surge + dive + surge + dive + surge + dive

9 Elite Sotapannas

(tc) invokedeath ‎ ‎→ spectralscythe2spectralscythe3

3 Elite Sakadagami

antiinvokedeath (walk back to lure) → splitsoulsoulstrike (target middle) → soulstrikesoulsap / touchofdeath / necroauto until dead → surge

4 Elite Sakadagami + 1 Elite Sotapanna

threadsoffate + divesoulsapvolleyofsouls

3 Elite Sakadagami

deathguard90 eofspec + surgesoulsap / touchofdeath / necroauto if stragglers until dead, surge + dive to next barrier, using lifetransfer, conjurezombie → build with stack basics and anti to 100% adrenaline on Arhats along the way

3 Elite Sakadagami

invokedeath + surgespectralscythesoulstrike (target middle) → soulstrikecommandskeletonsoulsaptouchofdeath

Sanctum Guardian


Pre conjurearmycommandghost if not already active.

invokedeath + surgemobile divemobile → (tc) vulnbomb+ deathskullssoulsapnecroautotouchofdeathsoulsaplivingdeath + adrenrenewal → ‎ ‎touchofdeathdivertdeathskullssplitsoulbloatfingerofdeath ‎ ‎+ disruptnecroautosoulsaptouchofdeathdeathskullscommandskeletonfingerofdeathvolleyofsoulscommandzombiefingerofdeathnecroauto

Post Sanctum to Pre Masuta

2 Cloaked Zealots

conjurearmy before exiting sanctum door → lifetransfercommandghostinvokedeath + surge + divecommandskeleton + surge to the 2 Cloaked Zealots. spectralscythesoulstriketouchofdeath

3 Cloaked Zealots

tc + divert + surgeantisurge + dive to the 3 Cloaked Zealots

spectralscythe2 + spectralscythe3 + dive + surge

1 Cloaked Zealot

volleyofsouls if 3+ stacks and high adren, else invokedeath on approach and basics

3 Cloaked Zealots

invokedeathcommandskeletondivespectralscythe (target middle) → soulstrikesoulsap (target left) → touchofdeath (target right) + surge surge dive to middle tile of top platform by railing

6 Cloaked Zealots

spectralscythe2spectralscythe3 → tc + splitsoul + click door

2 Elite Sakadagami

threadsoffatevolleyofsouls (if 5 residualsoul stacks, else soulsapvolleyofsouls) + surge

4 Renegade Menaphite Soldier + 2 Eastern Mercenary

(tc)soulsap (Eastern Mercenary) + touchofdeathcommandskeleton and basics if below 60 adren → vulnbomb + spectralscytheinvokedeathspectralscythe2spectralscythe3 > finish stragglers with touchofdeath / soulsap / necroauto → tc divert + surge

4 Cloaked Zealots

invokedeath + dive on approach → soulstrike one of the middle 2 → bloat → target furthest from bloated and fingerofdeath soulstrike/touchofdeath/necroauto stragglers

conjurearmylifetransfercommandghost masuta entry

Masuta, the Ascended

Phase 1 Notes

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• The rotation in this phase depends on whether it is a normal Masuta kill or an advanced Water skip attempt. This section has been broken down for each option respectively. Water skip kills are approximately one minute faster, but are difficult to consistently obtain and require a good understanding of the boss's mechanics.

Masuta (Option 1 - No Skip)

Pre conjurearmylifetransfercommandghost

Phase 1

(tc) vulnbomb + deathskullssoulsaptouchofdeathnecroautosoulsapsplitsoulbloatfingerofdeathvolleyofsoulssoulsaptouchofdeathcommandskeletonfingerofdeathdeathguard90 eofspecsoulsapomniguard specnecroauto (improvise if not phased)

Phase 2 (Waters)

⬥ Soulsplit soulsplit and hit Masuta between water spawns to save food. Use EnhancedExcalibur if needed.

⬥ Build to 5 residualsoul + 12 necrosis on Waters with soulsap + touchofdeath, kill waters upstairs. Build adrenaline with basics.

⬥ Before Phase 3, use conjurearmycommandghostinvokedeath

Phase 3

1 minute 20 seconds after phase 1:

livingdeath → (tc) vulnbomb + deathskullsfingerofdeathtouchofdeathfingerofdeathnecroautofingerofdeathvolleyofsoulsdeathskulls → finish with necroauto / soulsap / touchofdeath

⬥ Save adrenrenewal for Seiryu.

Masuta (Waters Skip) - Advanced

This rotation is advanced and does not guarantee a skip. Where successful, this rotation should save one minute on the Masuta kill.


⬥ Masuta phases to the timelocked Thrashing Waters special at 275k hp, and can no longer phase after 55k hp. The goal of this rotation is therefore to kill Masuta on the 'Persistent Hurricane' spin attack (the long special attack) so it cannot phase into the Thrashing Waters phase.

⬥ Masuta's attack pattern has a random number of auto attacks between specials, but the number of auto attacks follows a normal distribution, meaning you will generally encounter the following pattern:

⬥ 2-4 auto-attacks

⬥ Persistent Hurricane

⬥ 3-5 auto-attacks

⬥ Greater Shadow Tsunami

⬥ 3-5 auto-attacks

⬥ Repeats from Hurricane

⬥ in preparation for his second Hurricane special, you will want to ensure you have full necrosis and residualsoul stacks before his second hurricane, and leave a 10-15k hp buffer (285k-300k Masuta hp) and cease before the Persistent Hurricane due to conjure, reflect, cracking and aftershock damage.

⬥ Utilising ripperpouch ripperscroll spiritualprayer is useful for skip consistency. If familiars are swapped just before the skip, this allows for you to benefit from kalgscroll while having a ripper.

⬥ You want to be on high HP just before the spin starts.

⬥ Portent of Death portentofdeath can be used to add an extra 30,000 damage during the phase on Masuta. This item resurrects the player after death and gives the player 15% of their base life points. Additionally,it removes 15% of the target's base life points, to a maximum of 10,000 damage (or 30,000 using Necromancy).

⬥ Dreadnips nip can also be used throughout the rotation.

Phase 1 - Water Skip

Pre conjurearmylifetransfercommandghost

Avoid the first hurricane by running out of distance as soon as you see it. Make sure you run out of range as the first Hurricane spin starts, and keep close to the max necro distance while attacking until it finishes, as the attack damage ramps quickly.

(tc) ingen + smokecloud + vulnbombinvokedeathdeathskulls (optional depending on entry adren) → bloatcommandskeletontouchofdeathsoulsapnecroautobloatsoulsapnecroautonecroautosoulsapcommandskeletonnecroautonecroauto

Aim to progress to the Natural Instinct rotation below just before Masuta starts charging the Greater Shadow Tsunami (Indicated by Shadow Energy Wisps spawning around Masuta)

kalgscroll + dismiss kalgpouch + summon ripperpouch ripperscrollnattouchofdeathsoulsapnecroauto (move to avoid the Greater Shadow Tsunami - you will have 3-5 Masuta auto attacks after the tsunami before the next Persistent Hurricane) → necroautolivingdeath + vulnbombnecroautotouchofdeathsoulsapsplitsoul (just after Shadow Tsunami hits splash down)

Note: Use cease if required to stop conjures attacking if the boss will phase past 275k too early.

Phase 2/3 (Water Skip)

Wait for Persistent Hurricane to start/just before start

reflect + vitalitydeathskulls + adrenrenewalfingerofdeathfingerofdeath + dive (within skull bounce distance) → volleyofsoulsdeathguard90 eofspecomniguard spec + run melee distance and proc portentofdeath if the boss hasn't phased

Post Masuta to pre-Seiryu

Masuta arena exit/3 pylon approach

conjurearmylifetransfercommandghostinvokedeath + surge + dive

3 Defence Pylon

devo (ignore if high food and eat damage) → threadsoffate → (tc) soulsaptouchofdeathnecroauto

commandskeleton just before surge + dive to Seiryu's face

Seiryu, the Azure Serpent

Seiryu's Head

conjurearmy + commandghost should be reconjured directly after Masuta.

commandskeletondeathskullsbloatsoulsaptouchofdeathomniguard specsplitsoulvolleyofsoulssoulsap ‎ ‎→ fingerofdeathdeathguard90 eofspecnecroautodivertsoulsap → improvise if not phased.

Necromancy one cycle rotation

⬥ If using a kalgpouch, use the kalgscroll spec before going up.

⬥ Use invokedeath before going up.

⬥ Remove soulboundlantern prior to going up to destroy conjures if required. They will need to be resummoned on Seiryu's back, otherwise they will stay in the main arena.

⬥ Save your adrenaline renewal adrenrenewal for usage on the crystals. If a Masuta water skip is completed, adapt the rotation to build without adrenaline renewal adrenrenewal. an example rotation is given below the normal one if adrenrenewal is on cooldown,

Normal adrenrenewal rotation:

Crystal 1:

(tc) conjurearmy + surge + domminevulnbomb + livingdeath + adrenrenewaltouchofdeathdeathskullscommandghostfingerofdeathsoulsapfingerofdeathnecroauto

Crystal 2:

vulnbomb + invokedeathtouchofdeathdeathskullssoulsapsplitsoulfingerofdeathsoulsapnecroautonecroautosoulsaptouchofdeathfingerofdeath

Crystal 3:

vulnbomb + invokedeathdeathskullsvolleyofsoulsdeathguard90 eofspecomniguard spec

Water skip rotation (no adrenrenewal):

avoid reconjuring as ghost should follow you onto crystals and it's all you'll need.

Crystal 1:

(tc) vulnbomb + livingdeath + surge + domminetouchofdeathnecroautonecroautosoulsapdeathskullsfingerofdeathnecroautonecroautosoulsapnecroauto

Crystal 2:

vulnbomb + invokedeathdeathskullsfingerofdeathtouchofdeathfingerofdeathnecroautosoulsapfingerofdeath

Crystal 3:

vulnbomb + invokedeathdeathskullssplitsoulvolleyofsoulstouchofdeathdeathguard90 eofspecnecroautoomniguard spec

Example Runs

Masuta Water Skip - - 6:58

Non Masuta Water Skip - - 7:59