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Mage Melee Ent

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions



Start the fight with wand and defender equipped, autocasting rubyaurora

Start this rotation on the base's gconc

dummy gsunshineantifreedom → (swap to exsanguinate) icebarrage fsoa spec → finish building to 12 exsanguinate stacks, [using] gconc every 3rd ability, then swap to incitefear for the start of the fight.

Note: If not building to wrackandruin then you'll need to use gstaff eofspec with your P2 deto

Phase 1

(2.4s) magmatempesttarget → s omnipowerigneous → tc aod r omnipowerigneous + smoketendrils (7t) → limitless wmgconcimpactflank

Note: TC aod at 6 seconds on the boss timer

Phase 2

stormshardsdummy gsonicwave + disassemble dummymagmatempesttarget (on deto spot) → lose target + deto → tc aod icebarrage deto wrackandruin / gstaff eofspec → (walk behind bloodamalg) tsunami → (swap to icebarrage) dbreath → tc bloodamalggconcgchain → tc aod magmatempesttarget + surge

Note: For the rest of the kill, the rotation has been split into 2 options, one for faster teams and one for slower. Use the rotation that best suits your kill speed

Phase 3 (Faster Teams)

meta + icebarrage (3t) → gconcdbreath → (swap to incitefear) icebarrage fsoa specomnipowerigneouswmgstaff eofspec

Note: gconc as needed after fsoa spec if you need adren


1st Pillar deepimpactflankgconcdbreath

2nd Pillar smoketendrilswrack

3rd Pillar asphyxgconcdbreath

4th Pillar zerk + 2h auto → chaosroarcane

Note: Assumes order of UGCF


gfuryoverpowerigneous (→ assault 3t, if > 60% adrenaline) → dragonclaw eofspec (→ gfury) → punish → [improvise]

Phase 3 (Slower Teams)

gsunshineicebarrage gconcdbreathicebarrage fsoa specgconcwmomniasphyx (3t) → smoketendrilsgstaff eofspec


1st Pillar (switch to exsanguinate) gconcdeepimpactflankgstaff eofspecimpactflank

2nd Pillar gconcwmasphyxdbreath

3rd Pillar gconc → (dw) wrackandruinzerk + adrenrenewal + 2h auto → cleavedeci

4th Pillar divertlengmh specbargechaosroarcane



Example Kills
30/07/2023 - Ghotic Fish - Link
AoD: 7-10 Man
This guide is made and upkept in collaboration with the AoD: 7-10 Man discord. For those interested in a non-toxic and friendly environment for ‘Small’ team AoD, with team sizes varying from 7 to 10. We accept all experience levels, from Learners to Experts and Teachers. We offer teams running throughout the day.

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