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Raksha is a dinosaur dubbed the "Shadow Colossus" which is located in Anachronia. Raksha can be fought either solo or duo, with linear hp scaling for duo mode. The drop rates for duo are also exactly the same as solo.

Each Raksha kill is worth coins 3,398,188, with coins 488,902 of that coming from commons.

This guide assumes you are already familiar with Raksha's mechanics, phasing, and attack rotations. If not, please read #raksha-basic.

Advanced Magic Strategy

Preset and relics

Preset Suggestions

Phase 1

surgedevosunshinepf adrenrenewal → (tc) smokecloud gconcdbreath → (switch to exsanguinate) bloodbarrage tsunami → (switch to incitefear) soa spec → (switch to exsanguinate after incitefear proc) gconclimitless wmasphyxgconcomni (walk back) → (switch to incitefear) armadylbattlestaff eofspec → (switch to exsanguinate) gconc

Note: adrenaline varies with crits. If low adren, use strong abilities in place of armadylbattlestaff eofspec as needed

Phase 2

armadylbattlestaff eofspecarmadylbattlestaff eofspecsmoketendrilsarmadylbattlestaff eofspec (3t) → asphyx (2hit) → wm

With good RNG, phasing will occur around now. If not, continue until phased.

(DW) comb (walked) → bloodbarrage gconcdbreathbloodbarrage corruptblast → if raksha is low HP, continue with basics, if not deto (3t) → bloodbarrage deto gconcgstaff eofspecbloodbarrage asphyx

Phase 3 pre-pools

Note: In order to gain adren from Bladed diving bd the pools you must have a target. You can do this either by clicking the pool before you bd each time, or by using Target Cycle between each bd.

bloodbarrage gconcwmbloodbarrage omniingen sgb spec (if lacking the adren to omni, swap for gstaff eofspec)

bd pools at this point

Phase 3 post-pools

combgconcdbreathbloodbarrage omni (if you used omni before, use gstaff eofspec instead) → gconcwmbloodbarrage asphyxgstaff eofspecgconcdbreathgstaff eofspec

Phase 4

(switch to incitefear) build to 100% adrenaline → sunshinesmokecloud sonicwavegconcdbreathbloodbarrage tsunamigconcTuskassoa spec (if you lack adren do sonicwave and then soa spec) → limitless smoketendrilsarmadylbattlestaff eofspecwmarmadylbattlestaff eofspecomniarmadylbattlestaff eofspec → should be dead, if not basics to finish.

Hybrid Phase 4

This rotation will save around 5 seconds compared to mage camp.

ecbHydrixBakri gricoRubyBakri sgbrapidHydrixBakri gricoRubyBakri snapgconcdbreathbloodbarrage tsunamisoa spec → build to 100 with basics or HydrixBakri gricometa adrenrenewalbloodbarrage gconcwmomni (collect and activate buffs) → smoketendrils

Video Example