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Zamorak - Group 2000% Enrage (2-5 man)


This guide focuses on obtaining consistent 6 kill hours at 2000% enrage in groups of 2-5 at Zamorak. The strategies in this guide assume a strong knowledge of the Zamorak encounter already from #Zamorak Basic Guide / #Zamorak Main Guide, and require near-BiS gear as well as solid execution. In addition, strong improvisational skills are required in case of non-regular spec order.

This guide assumes a STRICT order - any deviation from phasing on these specific specs will invalidate the rest of the guide.

Presets and Relics

Preset Suggestions

Other Assumed Unlocks
demonslayer Demon Slayer Sigil unlocked ⬥ powderofpenance Penance Powderspiritcape Spirit cape unlocked ⬥ demonslayerperk Demon slayer perk is helpful     • invig4 + demonslayerperk combo perk recommended ⬥ Stagger Runes for Stagger are helpful (only one player needs) ⬥ this results in a pouch setup of:     • graspingpouchblack Bloodrune Astralrune Bodyrune Soulrune     • graspingpouchgreen Deathrune Lawrune Cosmicrune Dustrune     • graspingpouchred Mindrune Chaosrune Waterrune Soulrune

Role Breakdown


devo + DeflectMelee + Cept the entire team on P2 Flames of Zamorak spec

immort + Cept the entire team on P5 Chaos Blast spec

⬥ apply smokecloud + Enfeeble on P1-6

kalgscroll the team throughout the entire kill

⬥ apply Enfeeble on P7 before lowering runes

⬥ lure the boss close to pad locations

⬥ preventing Zamorak from increasing his max hp on grey hp via well timed DoT abilities (comb / corruptblast / magmatempest)


devo + DeflectMage + Cept the base on P2 adrenaline cage spec

⬥ apply Stagger after divert on P6

⬥ apply Stagger on P7 before lowering runes

⬥ kill witches ASAP on every grey hp transition

DPS2 (only in trio/4man/5man)

⬥ kill witches ASAP on every grey hp transition

DPS3 (only in 4man/5man)

devo + DeflectMage + Cept the base on all non-P2 adrenaline cages

⬥ Stay outside and pulverise the boss after it is phased into grey hp on every phase

Additional Role Notes

In general, more than 2 witch killers will not improve killtimes at all. Instead, if doing 4 or 5 man kills the extra players should stay outside and use DoTs to help prevent healing + apply pulverise to lower damage taken.

Additionally, any more than 3 people killing runes on P7 tends to not improve killtimes. One of the extra players should ingen + pulverise after sunshine + tsunami to drastically reduce the damage taken during P7.

Edict Order

This guide assumes order of 2-4-1-3-6-5

Witch Killing Rotation

Since the base has a limited amount of DoTs to use, it is imperative to kill the witch ASAP on every phase to prevent grey HP from increasing too much.

Duos (one witch killer)

⬥ Press extra action button → DeflectMage + anti + surge + dive → tc + vulnbomb + smokecloud gconcdbreath → swap to melee → chaosroar → (ingen if off cd) + caneoverpower → swap to mage + gconc → improvise

Trios or larger (2 witch killers)

⬥ Press extra action button → DeflectMage + anti + surge + dive → swap to melee → tc + (ingen if off cd) + chaosroar + vulnbomboverpower → swap to mage + gconc → wait 1t → press extra action button → dbreath

P3 Witch

⬥ Due to zerking on P3, your melee abilities might be on cooldown. Improvise with strong magic abilities (omnipowerigneous / zamorakstaff eofred / wm / gconc).

Handling Mechanics

Flames of Zamorak

Base: stand east + in MD of Zamorak for flames specials on P1 and P2 to force smoke upon yourself

DPS: stand west of Zamorak for flames specials on P1 and P2 to allow the base to stand MD and tank smoke

Note: if there is any smoke on the ground from getting a Flames of Zamorak spec towards the end of P6, use dive to pick it up off the ground before phasing into P7

Adrenaline Cages (except P2)

P2 adrenaline cage should always be handled by DPS1 devo + DeflectMage + Cept the base tank


⬥ Very close/already phased → Base tanks the cage on their own ( reflect / res/ debil)

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• This allows the DPSers to go into infernus and kill the witch earlier

⬥ Far from phasing → DPS1 devo + DeflectMage + Cept the base tank


⬥ DPS3 devo + DeflectMage + Cept the base tank

Infernal Tomb

⬥ All players should anti → ... → impact on last tick to instantly proc the large hit. Example clip of proper stun timing here.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• If any stuns were missed, DPS1 should immort + Cept the entire team prior to leaving Infernus.

⬥ Demons

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• (dw) icebarrage freedom (2h) icebarragegchain → thresholds to clear

Chaos Blast

⬥ Phase 4

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Everyone doing pre-asphyxomnipowerigneous → improv → vitality + disrupt + res

⬥ Non-Phase 4

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎• Base kalphiterebounder immort + Cept

Rune of Destruction

As base, be careful where you stand towards the end of the Rune of Destruction spec, as getting an Adrenaline Cage + black smoke from the Rune hitting at the same time can be deadly.

Other Important Information

Spec Timing

Autos carry over between phases. Zamorak naturally has 5 autos between specs on green hp which can carry over from green hp to red hp on next phase.

e.g. boss does infernus spec on P1, followed by 2 autos before phasing into grey hp gives 3 autos on the next red hp before he will do a spec.

This is important as knowing how many autos before a spec will occur on the next red hp phase will change how early you want to charge the pad if you're trying to skip the spec.

After phasing from red hp to green hp, Zamorak will ALWAYS use his next spec after 1 auto.

Grey HP Healing Prevention

If the boss' hp is at it's max grey hp, every tick it will slightly increase it's max grey hp. To prevent this, on every tick the boss must be below its max hp, which can be achieved by having a hitsplat land on every tick. Such methods include using damage over time abilities such as magmatempest and corruptblast back to back in order to completely prevent healing. This is one of the most important things that the base tank must do to have smooth and fast kills.

A standard rotation to prevent healing in trios or above looks something like this: combcorruptblastmagmatempestbloodbarrage gconc

In duos, the base may have to use DoTs more sparingly due to the witch killer taking longer (combcorruptblastgconcdbreathmagmatempest)

General Notes
⬥ Base should use kalphiterebounder to prevent being smited whilst immort Cept. ⬥ prismofrestoration Prisms of Restoration can be cast at the start of every phase to allow for more ripper demon specs. ⬥ All Tsunamis tsunami should be cast with 5 incite fear incitefear stacks. ⬥ Ruby Aurora RubyAurora can be stacked at the start of every phase for extra group damage. ⬥ Flicking incite fear incitefear for frost surge procs can help to increase damage. ⬥ Autocast Blood Barrage bloodbarrage when low on HP during fsoa spec. ⬥ Casting Group Vengeance SBSLunars venggroup as often as possible can help with damage (pay attention to the cooldown on your DEBUFF bar, the actual icon on your action bar is inaccurate to the true cooldown timer and can cause you to get stuck on lunars).

The Fight

Note: it is assumed that all kalgscroll are used by base

Pre fight:

⬥ (autocast incitefear to get 5 stacks) → nat on second last witch → (autocast RubyAurora) → build to 100% adren with defensives + autos while killing last witch near pad 2 → kalgscroll

Phase 1

P1 general overview:

The aim of P1 is to lower zamorak as close to phase HP ASAP before infernal tomb occurs, then instantly phase → apply magmatempest on specific ticks before going in to reduce the amount of healing that zamorak is able to do while in Infernus.


⬥ (autocastincitefear) → pre magmatempest near pad 2 → tc +smokecloud combdive to pad 2 → sunshineEnfeeble diverttsunami → (autocast bloodbarrage) fsoa spec (drag zamorak into MD of your sunshine by moving east then run back into your sunshine) → gconcwmsmoketendrilsomnipowerigneous → improvise limitless wm / asphyx / armadylbattlestaff eofor / gconc

vitality + DeflectMelee + SBSLunars venggroup on Flames of Zamorak spec

Base must be east in MD of zamorak to minimize black smoke.

SBSLunars + disrupt after 2 autos post melee hit to reduce the explosion damage

Once Zamorak is ~100k off phase HP surge west towards pad 4 to bring him to the correct location for next phase


⬥ (autocastincitefear) → pre magmatempest near pad 2 → sunshine + vulnbombbloodbarrage diverttsunami → (autocast bloodbarrage) fsoa specgconcwmsmoketendrilsomnipowerigneous → improvise limitless / wm / asphyx / armadylbattlestaff eofor / gconc

Make sure to not be further east than your base tank + also not be in MD when the flames attack hits as to not accidentally grab smoke

vitality + DeflectMelee + SBSLunars venggroup on Flames of Zamorak spec

Do NOT phase Zamorak into grey HP until the Infernal Tomb message occurs

Phase 1 Infernus Setup:

5 autos after Flames of Zamorak, zamorak will do the Infernal Tomb spec. The aim of this rotation is to instantly phase zamorak into grey hp (making him heal) ASAP after Infernal Tomb message starts in order to spawn the witch + demons simultaneously, making it easy to stack them for massive AOE damage, while also preventing zamorak from healing via applying magmatempest on specific ticks.

All of these rotations start on the tick that zamorak says "step into the dark" as yellow text appears above his head.


⬥ (autocast incitefear) kalgscroll + antidbreathmagmatempestimpact


⬥ (autocast incitefear) antiomnipowerigneous → stall impact → release impact + magmatempest

This lines up magma hits so that zamorak cannot heal while magma is still dealing damage

While in infernus:


Immediately run 1 tile east of the witch spawn location so that demons + witches stack up for big AOE damage


Stand several tiles west of the witch so as to not prevent demons from aggroing base and stacking up for AOE

In duos: Base should use detoboots deto to help with aoe damage

In 4man/5man: DPS can skip wm, Base can wm instead of omnipowerigneous.


⬥ (pray DeflectMage and be above 6.5k lifepoints) → freedom + surge east → (target any demon) demonslayer gchainomnipowerigneous → (target witch) dbreathsonicwave → (corruptblast if demons still alive) → surge / dive to rune


⬥ (target any demon) comb → (target witch) (4t) detodemonslayer bloodbarrage deto gchainwmdbreath → (sonicwave if demons still alive) → surge / dive to rune

Note: Both DPS and base can use defensives to continue building while people are running to runes.

Phase 2

Phase 2 general overview:

The aim of phase 2 is to skip spec during red hp, DPS1 devo + DeflectMage + Cept the base on Adrenaline cage, then phase the boss instantly after Flames of Zamorak spec occurs. The base should devo + DeflectMelee + Cept the team while being MD to generate as little smoke as possible, dps should stand west of Zamorak + not be in MD in order to avoid accidentally grabbing smoke


kalgscroll + vulnbomb + bloodbarrage comb + → build to sunshine + adrenrenewalgconcdiverttsunami → (autocast bloodbarrage) fsoa spec + move to not give teammates AOE damage from adrenaline cage spec → gconc → improvise omnipowerigneous / wm / smoketendrils / asphyx / armadylbattlestaff eofor


bloodbarrage magmatempest → build to sunshinegconcdiverttsunami → (autocast bloodbarrage) fsoa specgconc → improvise omnipowerigneous / wm / smoketendrils / asphyx / armadylbattlestaff eofor

On Adrenaline Cage spec:

DPS1 devo + DeflectMage + Cept the base tank

Once zamorak is ~100k off phasing, base should surge + dive east as far as possible to bring zamorak close to pad 1 for the next phase.

On Flames of Zamorak spec:


⬥ stand east of zamorak, in MD → devo + DeflectMelee + Cept entire team.

⬥ After smoke comes out, stall zamorak's hp with DoTs

⬥ reapply smokecloud + Enfeeble

The smoke will hit on different timings depending on how many autos it took after Flames of zamorak spec happened before phasing into grey hp.

⬥ 0/2/4 autos: smoke and auto hit different ticks (can use res / divert / SBSLunars + disrupt)

⬥ 1/3/5 autos: smoke and auto hit same tick (use reflect or debil to reduce the damage taken)


⬥ stand west of zamorak, out of MD

⬥ dump omnipowerigneous / wm to phase into grey hp, ideally with 0 autos after spec

⬥ kill witch after melee hit

Phase 3

Phase 3 General overview:

The aim of phase 3 is to skip spec on red hp, followed by everyone stunning on the correct tick pre-Infernus, ice barraging demons + aoeing them down, then DPSers zerk after coming out of Infernus to phase instantly after adrenaline cage.


vulnbomb → build to sunshine + adrenrenewalgconcdiverttsunami → (autocast bloodbarrage) fsoa specgconc → improvise omnipowerigneous / wm / smoketendrils / asphyx / armadylbattlestaff eofor

Try to backload damage if possible, you want green hp to be as low as possible while still managing to skip spec during red HP.

Phase 3 - Infernal tomb

(Infernal Tomb message) → anti → ... → impact on last tick

icebarrage freedom demons → deto any stacked demon → demonslayer bloodbarrage deto gchaindbreath → basics to get to 100% adren → surge + dive to rune


kalgscroll + vulnbomb → improvise gconc / omnipowerigneous / wm / asphyx / ingen sgb spec


zerkgbarge → improvise assault / cane / overpower/basics

Phase 3 - Adrenaline Cage

Phase boss to grey HP ASAP after Adrenaline Cage spec


⬥ (ac incitefear) corruptblast / comb / magmatempest after dealing with adrenaline cage damage

dive + surge onto pad 3 → reapply vulnbomb + smokecloud + Enfeeble

surge northeast from pad towards your teammates after pad is fully charged


⬥ Kill witch → (ac incitefear) + magmatempest

Phase 4

Phase 4 General Overview:

Place sunshine just west of pad 2 so that on protector spawn everyone is in range to instantly kill it. DO NOT SKIP spec on red HP. While improvising it is important to save asphyxomnipowerigneous for chaos blast. vitality + disrupt + res to mitigate the blast. Lower boss' hp during rune, then instantly phase after adrenaline cage.

kalgscroll + vulnbomb →build to sunshinegconcdivert → (target protector) tsunami → (autocast bloodbarrage) fsoa spec → (target zamorak) gconc → improvise wm / smoketendrils / armadylbattlestaff eofor → (as chaos blast spec starts) asphyxomnipowerigneousvitality + disrupt + res → improvise again

Base should surge + dive as far west as possible slightly after chaos blast to move the boss closer to pad 6 for next phase.

Phase 4 - Rune of Destruction

Avoid smoke hits. The lifeweaver that spawns west can be ignored, unless the boss is already close to being phased and there is still time to kill the lifeweaver.

Lower boss' hp until Adrenaline Cage spec → dump thresholds to phase into grey hp.

Phase 4 - Adrenaline Cage


⬥ (autocast incitefear) corruptblast / comb / magmatempest adrenaline cage damage → dive + surge onto pad 6 → reapply vulnbomb + smokecloud + Enfeeble


⬥ Kill witch → leave infernus → dive + surge towards pad 6 → magmatempest

Phase 5

Phase 5 General Overview

Everyone should sunshine as close to pad as possible to take advantage of pad 4 bonus damage from being near a rune, skip spec on red hp, DO NOT STUN on chaos blast → phase boss to grey hp → base immort + Cept the team.

At this point your ability cooldowns are quite a bit lower than normal:

⬥ prioritise omnipowerigneous + wm as you can use them multiple times per fsoa spec

⬥ make sure to fsoa spec first in sunshine in order to have it back for P6 on time

vulnbomb + kalgscroll → build to sunshine + adrenrenewalgconcdivertfsoa spec → improvise omnipowerigneous / tsunami / wm / asphyx / armadylbattlestaff eofor / gconc

⬥ if close to phase, asphyx again after second omnipowerigneous to save a couple seconds

Phase 5 - Chaos Blast


immort + Cept entire team as chaos blast ends → blessedflask → turn DeflectMage / DeflectRange back on → corruptblast / comb / magmatempestsurge / dive northeast so zamorak is slightly northeast of pad 5 → surge / dive onto NORTHEAST TILE of pad 5 (this lures zamorak so that everyone can be on a safespot tile for P6 rune spec)) → reapply smokecloud / vulnbomb / Enfeeble


⬥ Enter Infernus as the chaos blast hits → kill witch → put cryptbloom armour on → dive 1 tile east of pad 5

Phase 6

Phase 6 General Overview

natsunshine , skip red HP spec, ideally kill before Flames of Zamorak

Assuming the boss is lured correctly and all are standing next to the southeast corner of pad 5, the smoke should only hit each player at MOST once until very late into the rune spec, so there is no reason to move to avoid it until then.

Note: DO NOT sunshine unless you have 10s fsoa spec cooldown or less

kalgscroll + (ac incitefear) magmatempest + vulnbombnatgconcdivertsunshinegconctsunamigconcomnipowerigneous → (autocast bloodbarrage) fsoa specsmoketendrilswm → 3t asphyxarmadylbattlestaff eoforgconcomnipowerigneousarmadylbattlestaff eoforwmasphyxsmoketendrils

If Flames of Zamorak spec:

devo + DeflectMelee

dive to pick up all the smoke right before boss dies to not get damage reduction on P7

Phase 7

Phase 7 Overview
Task Breakdown
⬥ Base applies Enfeeble + lowers back 2 runes ⬥ DPS1 applies smokecloud + lowers fork + star runes ⬥ DPS2 applies Stagger + lowers B rune ⬥ DPS3 (if applicable) applies ingen pulverise
Sunshine timings
Depending on teamsize alters when you should sunshine : ⬥ duo = can sunshine directly after first Magic auto from zamoraktrio = wait 1gcd after second Magic auto ⬥ 4man = wait until the tick the first rune spawns ⬥ 5man = after first/second rune dies

Generally any more than 3 people on runes is not going to save any time. In 4mans or above the extra players should sunshine at the back/side of zamorak and apply ingen pulverise so the large hits do much less damage.

Phase 7 sunshine locations

Phase 7 Rotations

On entry: kalgscroll + walk west 2 tiles → (ac incitefear) tc demon + demonslayer gconcwm → basics to kill

Safe Strategy:

For less consistent 1 cycles, easier to execute. While staying high hp during runes:

sunshine → improv gconc / dbreath / tsunami / fsoa spec to kill runes → devo + DeflectMelee after last rune, ac icebarrage → improv asphyx / gconc / wmomnipowerigneous

⬥ just before large hit → SBSLunars + disrupt + vitalitysoulsplit + ac bloodbarrage + smoketendrilsarmadylbattlestaff eofordbreathdivert melee hit → immortCept any non-immorted teammates

2nd cycle:

⬥ wait for fsoa spec cooldown → nattsunamifsoa specmeta → kill last rune → omnipowerigneouswmsmoketendrils

Example Kills